Going Global 2022

How we do this  

Our Going Global Partnerships  bring policymakers, institutions, agencies, researchers, academics and students from across Malaysia and the UK together, to exchange ideas, experience and knowledge. We connect them to expand the potential of global education, enriching and increasing research, mobility, student experience, teaching and learning quality.

 Why we do it

Global partnerships inspire future collaborations

It creates unparalleled opportunities for the research and scientific communities in Malaysia to share their outstanding strengths and resources with UK partners. This ignites discovery and triggers investment in new international collaborations. 

Global partnerships strengthen global reputation

It elevates the profile of UK and Malaysian higher education, making both countries better able to compete for new collaborative initiatives internationally.  It helps fast-track Malaysia’s ambition to become a globally recognised centre of excellence.

Global partnerships enable outstanding innovation of global relevance

Greater levels of innovation bring solutions to big global issues, such as healthcare, food poverty or climate change.

Global partnerships enrich our institutions

It inspires a rich diversity of ideas and practice, boosting our teaching and learning credentials, enhancing the cultural vibrancy of our institutions and their academic communities. It develops innovative and contemporary higher education leadership, enabling institutions to better retain and recruit top talent.

Global partnerships enable young Malaysians to shine

It leads young people to become global citizens, with new skills and outward-looking values, a stronger desire to keep learning and to build the confidence to share their ideas. This feeds directly into our national economies; it creates entrepreneurial, resilient and employable young people who are open to new perspectives, have the confidence to lead and make decisions, and who share a more pro-active responsibility for the wider world and the challenges it faces now and in the future.

Global partnerships boost wider participation in higher education

It encourages young Malaysians to access higher education through innovative and flexible joint programmes, such as TNE and TVET  (Technical and Vocational Education and Training), online delivery and hybrid models of learning. It increases the rates of outward mobility from both nations. It enables our universities to meet the evolving demands of technological change in learning and delivery.

In short, we do it because a rich and collaborative programme of internationalisation in higher education improves the lives of people and their society and enables both the UK and Malaysia to be recognised for making a positive difference to the world.