Extraordinary partnerships for TNE

We expand the potential and quality of transnational education in Malaysia and the region through our East Asia TNE work. Our focus on strategic development and quality assurance in TNE enables forward-thinking institutions and policymakers to collaborate internationally and to make the most of opportunities for innovative, world-class TNE delivery and learner experiences.

By connecting governments, universities, TNE leaders and practitioners, academics and learners we enable them to develop and strengthen the policy and performance of TNE in Malaysia and East Asia. Through our partnerships, we accelerate the growth in quality of TNE provision– across quality assurance, curriculum and assessment development - while enabling the strategic international education ambitions of the UK and Malaysia and its institutions to be met, equitably. In bringing exceptional UK and Malaysian institutions together, we develop sustainable partnerships that deliver long-term impact for practitioners and students – enabling world-class education to continue even through times of instability and crisis.

UK Malaysia TNE Programmes

World-leading innovation in TNE, in partnership with you

While our role in creating TNE relationships boosts the reputation of UK TNE across East Asia, we know that the UK cannot grow without the commitment and expertise of its partners in the region. Sustainable change and growth in the provision and quality of TNE can only be done collaboratively. To create the degree of engagement and educational innovation needed for long-term impact requires strategic TNE programmes that are unique in the way they are established and supported. With our outstanding partnerships of leading practitioners, policy-makers and institutions, UK and Malaysia set the global benchmark for transnational systems, governance, teaching and learning.

Unparalleled TNE insight and networks

We use a combination of deep insight and analysis to evaluate and identify opportunities for TNE development and partnership. We use our market expertise, experience of strategic programme implementation and our extensive networks to match the right people and institutions in the UK and Malaysia. 

We navigate the complexities of TNE for you

Our understanding of the TNE landscape, with our unique position and reach across East Asia, means we can:

  • advise you on TNE market entry, policy, barriers and approaches
  • share trends analysis about TNE programme approval by type and geography, priority disciplines, recruitment quotas and tuition fee rates
  • guide you on how best to develop your strategic approach to TNE collaboration in the region
  • use our partner profiling analysis to help ensure the most viable, equitable and sustainable partnership for your goals
  • help you minimise uncertainty or potential risks, building your confidence to internationalise through TNE


Contact us

If you’re looking to develop your international TNE strategy, learn more about setting up joint UK Malaysia programmes or a branch campus, or want to discuss current opportunities to engage in UK Malaysia TNE, contact our Going Global Partnerships team to find out more about how we can work together. 

Our TNE Programmes: