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Our corporate solutions

We empower organisations to enhance their communication skills and achieve success.

  • Nearly 90 years of global collaboration in English and business, government and educational communication skills.
  • Scalable, engaging and effective learning solutions for professionals, students and researchers across all levels and sectors.
  • Guaranteed 4-step training and implementation success for R&D, HR and business managers.

Create your customised program | 4 steps

  1. Needs analysis | We identify your organisation's knowledge gaps and learning objectives. 
  2. Solution design | We create scalable and customised solutions with personalised content and integrated assessment.
  3. Execution | Our qualified trainers engage your teams and develop the relevant competencies to ensure the progress of your employees. 
  4. Measurement and impact | We make sure to track and report on progress, report on ROI and help you communicate success to stakeholders

English Language Skills

The British Council is the trusted choice for government agencies, corporations, and academic institutions, offering research-driven, up-to-date language solutions. Our team of experts help organisations assess and enhance their English language skills according to needs and objectives. With a team of experienced trainers, we offer customised solutions that are flexible and effective for all proficiency levels. 

  • General English: Empower your employees to communicate with precision and confidence in everyday life.
  • Workplace English: Upskill your employees to communicate effectively in specific workplace situations, for all job scopes and industries.
  • Academic English: Equip your teachers and students with the confidence and skills to excel in specific academic contexts.

Professional Communication Skills

Our Professional Communication Skills workshops are an effective option for teams with higher levels of English and need to achieve quick and focussed results in a short period of time. These workshops use the latest training and facilitation methods to help groups work together effectively and get real results. This means that your employees will be engaged, challenged, and stimulated to learn more and do more. They will also benefit from their trainer’s extensive subject knowledge and corporate experience. 

Spoken Communication Skills

Enable your employees to connect and network with greater confidence and coherence. Our oral communication modules are designed to facilitate seamless workplace collaboration and engagement.

Written Communication Skills

Develop proficiency in drafting and editing various document types for improved clarity, conciseness, and accuracy.

Communication Skills for Managers

Assessment and Certification

Access our assessment solutions designed for scalability and reliability. Our wide range of testing methods helps you to seamlessly screen talent, evaluate skills, track progress, and understand the tangible effects of learning efforts. Key features include:

  • Globally recognised English exams and assessments 
  • Expert teams to guide you in selecting the right tests, track progress, and determine return on investment (ROI)
  • Comprehensive benchmarking and targeted assessments to monitor and report on progress, helping in action planning and goal setting
  • Widely recognised certificates for a tangible sense of accomplishment

Choose from three types of assessments: 

  • EnglishScore 


The British Council’s EnglishScore remote testing is the world’s only four skills test delivered on a mobile phone—making it the most convenient and accessible recognised English test.

  • Globally recognised by institutions and employers around the world 
  • Built by English language experts for detailed and accurate assessment of an individual’s proficiency across all four skills 
  • Created in collaboration with the Centre for Research in English Language Learning and Assessment (CRELLA), the leading centre for language test research and development 
  • Professional certificate that offers employers a trusted record of a candidate’s English level, helping employees improve their career prospects 
  • Internationally recognised CEFR result within 24 hours 
  • Uses the latest AI-driven anti-cheating technology to enhance test security and validity


Aptis is our scalable, computer-based assessment designed to help organisations make informed choices regarding hiring, workforce development, and training needs. The test is easily accessible to allow you to test people quickly, and delivers equally fast, accurate, and reliable results.

  • Assess grammar, vocabulary, and all four key language skills: speaking, writing, reading, and listening 
  • Choose to evaluate either all skills or only those relevant to your organisation’s needs 
  • Evaluate English proficiency levels from A1-C in each test section

Choose from four Aptis variants:

  • Aptis General
  • Aptis Advanced 
  • Aptis for Teachers
  • Aptis for Teens


Take IELTS with the British Council. As the world's most renowned English language test, IELTS can help whether you want to study, work, or live abroad. Take the test at our test centre in Jakarta, and conveniently receive your results online via our registration portal.


Tailored for individuals and students, our IELTS Coach sessions offer language and skills-focused training to help test takers achieve the scores they want. Ace your exam with us, the co-creators of the IELTS test.

English Online

Join the British Council’s global online classroom. Discover the perfect fit for your organisation or schedule with our adaptable training, coaching, and assessments. English Online classes are available 24/7 with unlimited access to learning materials and activities.

  • Learn in small groups with students from around the world, or receive extra help and attention through one-on-one private classes 
  • Access classes focused on speaking, reading, listening, and writing 
  • Benefit from interactive, trainer-led sessions
  • Customise your timetable and select classes based on your goals and interests 
  • Receive a British Council certificate of achievement

Our English Online course offers the following classes:

  • Business English: Develop your career prospects by mastering workplace communication in English 
  • General English: Acquire a solid foundation in core English skills such as speaking, listening, reading, and writing 
  • Social English: Gain proficiency and learn how to interact with others in day-to-day scenarios, during travels, and in diverse social settings using everyday language

Learn how you want with two types of flexible models:

  • Open courses (online or in-person): Enrol your employees to learn alongside professionals from diverse organisations. Our engaging and interactive programmes are within our global network of centres or available for you to access online 24/7. 
  • Closed groups (online or in-person): Personalise your team's training schedule to accommodate your unique requirements. We adapt to your preferred time and location, while offering you immersive, targeted, and highly relevant programmes designed to cultivate specific skills.