Covid-19 has demonstrated the value of international collaborative research in science. The UK has played a significant role in the international effort to make the unprecedented scientific advances required to control the global viral pandemic. 

Inspiring young people to engage, innovate and communicate in science and scientific research is a core part of our education work in Malaysia. 

Our science partnerships enable students, teachers and researchers to be seen at the leading edge of technological progress in East Asia.

Our ability to bring the leading policymakers, institutions, researchers and scientific communities from the UK and Malaysia together means we create extraordinary collaborations and scientific impact, generating life-changing opportunities far into the future.


Going Global Partnerships For Enabling Research

By building stronger international connections, Going Global Partnerships  supports research, knowledge, and innovation collaboration to address local and global challenges and promote inclusive growth

Celebrating the Newton-Ungku Omar Fund

A science research forum to celebrate the achievements and the high-value impact of the Newton Ungku-Omar Fund (NUOF) projects and the emerging global trends, priorities and opportunities in science research and industry between UK-MY