The Paper Cinema's Odyssey is now over. Thank you for coming and your support!


"Nine years after the end of the Trojan War, the King Odysseus has still not returned home. In his absence, his house has been besieged by suitors who are after his crown, his wife and his land."

The Paper Cinema and Battersea Arts Centre presents The Paper Cinema's Odyssey - an interpretive live performance based on Homer's The Odyssey, brought to life using hand-drawn paper puppets and ingenious use of light, camera and sound. The show is performed to originally scored music, performed and written by The Paper Cinema musicians.  

Due to the show length of 75 minutes, this performance is suitable for young children 10 years and above.

About The Paper Cinema
The Paper Cinema perform a unique form of live animation and music. Founded in 2004 by Nicholas Rawling, with Imogen Charleston and Christopher Reed, they tour bespoke pieces around Britain and internationally. The company uses the language of animation, music, film and theatre to lead the viewer through a variety of stories. Intricate pen and ink illustrations are manipulated in real-time in front of a live video camera and projected onto the big screen alongside the performed music, which is integral to the work.

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