Find out more about the organisations supporting FameLab in Malaysia, and how you can get involved by sponsoring this programme.

Cheltenham Festivals

Cheltenham Festivals is the charitable organisation behind the town’s internationally acclaimed Jazz, Science, Music and Literature Festivals. Through cutting edge and creative programming, Cheltenham’s four inspirational festivals have been at the fore-front of the UK’s cultural scene since the inaugural Music Festival in 1945.

FameLab is a competition owned and created by Cheltenham Festivals in the UK. The FameLab International Final takes place annually during Cheltenham Science Festival - a six-day celebration of science, engineering and the arts.

Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT)

The Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT) is a technology think-tank under the Prime Minister’s Department.

Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Education Malaysia

The Department of Higher Education is a department within the Ministry of Education which oversees the higher education in Malaysia.

Partner with us

The British Council is driven by partnership, learning together and promoting positive change. Partner with FameLab, partner with us!