From top left: Daniel Nesan (Winner) and Hadri Hadi (1st Runner Up)From bottom left: Komalah Selvamuthu (2nd Runner Up) and Hoo Sze Yen (People's Choice Award) ©

British Council

FameLab Malaysia marks its seventh anniversary this year, presented by the British Council and Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT). The competition is open to Malaysian scientists, engineers, technologists, mathematicians, and STEM enthusiasts aged 21 and above with a passion for public engagement. A total of 11 finalists competed in the FameLab National Final on 11 September 2021. 

Watch the Final video recording on the FameLab Malaysia YouTube channel. 

The winners of the National Final are: 

  1. Daniel Nesan, FameLab Malaysia 2021 Champion
  2. Hadri Hadi bin Md Yusof, 1st Runner up
  3. Komalah Selvamuthu Raja, 2nd Runner up
  4. Hoo Sze Yen, People's Choice Award 

Meet the FameLab 2021 Finalists:

11 FameLab 2021 Finalists ©


Gregory A/L Domnic

Topic: Right under your nose!

Biography: Greg is an enthusiastic cancer biologist from USM Penang who has recently completed his master's under the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Scholarship. He is a strong believer of public awareness in any and every aspect, including cancer detection. Greg loves to dialogue, using his wittiness to engage on issues close to his heart.

Daniel Nesan

Topic: Are we running out of dirt?

Biography: Daniel is a plant scientist at BoomGrow, an indoor farming company that is reimagining a better future for farming. He is passionate about food security and sustainability as well as the development of environmentally friendly agricultural practices.

Hoo Sze Yen

Topic: Microwaves: Do they cause cancer?

Biography: Backed with an engineering degree and a Master's in Education, Hoo Sze Yen is a physics teacher in a private secondary school. She is currently completing her Doctor of Education. Her mission is to make learning physics easy and enjoyable! She also teaches dance, and is passionate about fitness; and often finds a way to mix physics in. In her free time, she enjoys reading and writing (although not necessarily about science).

Kanimolli A/P Arasu

Topic: Bone up with fibre

Biography: Kanimolli Arasu is a lecturer at International Medical University and currently pursuing her PhD. She has 19 years of experience as a dietitian. She loves modifying well-loved recipes to healthier versions. Her research interest includes paediatric nutrition and bone health.

Uma Shangery A/P Aruldass

Topic: Our beautiful planet

Biography: An ardent aerospace fan, passionate about anything and everything that is beyond the troposphere. Uma is currently engaged with Malindo Air as a revenue analyst. She is a Toastmaster who has found her latest obsession towards science communication through FameLab. She adores a variety of activities such as hiking, dancing and baking.

Ahmad Lutfi Amri bin Ramli

Topic: Getting a better ETA

Biography: Lutfi is a mathematics lecturer at Universiti Sains Malaysia. His current mission is to be able to communicate numbers effectively to the public. While his research revolves around the computation of curves and surfaces, his other passion is in the gamification of education. He enjoys musical theatre, travel and tea.

Gayathiri A/P Muniandy

Topic: Better fertilizer, sustainable environment!

Biography: Gayathiri is passionate about the sustainability of the environment, and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Industrial Biotechnology at Universiti Sains Malaysia. She believes science communication is an easily accessible path to create awareness about the beauty of science ubiquitously. Prioritised long-term benefits for the environment can only be achieved through research.

Komalah Selvamuthu Raja

Topic: Give your buildings a dose of probiotics!

Biography: Komalah is a graduate management trainee at KSK Land, with a First Class Quantity Surveying degree from Heriot-Watt University. She wants to create excitement about the construction industry, which is least understood by the public although buildings and infrastructure form integral parts of our lifestyle and basic needs. Adrenaline junkie is one way to describe her - she loves the outdoors and extreme activities. She also runs a small baking business wherein she fulfils orders with her mum. It is like therapy for them; however on most days, it's like her favourite show - Hell's Kitchen. 

Galvin Sim Siang Lin

Topic: Biodentistry: Helping the tooth fairy save teeth

Biography: Galvin works as a dental officer in Kuching, Sarawak, and is currently completing his part-time PhD in Dental Biomaterials. Galvin enjoys spending his time researching the realm of dental material science and engineering, and he hopes to find a solution for tooth decay one day.

Mak Kit Kay

Topic: Healthy ageing with nature-inspired medicines

Biography: Mak is a 29-year old medicinal chemist and trainee lecturer at International Medical University, Malaysia. She was trained in developing new medicines using artificial intelligence. She has numerous research publications and H-index of 8. She is a polymer clay figurine entrepreneur. She enjoys baking cookies and watching penguin documentaries.

Hadri Hadi bin Md Yusof

Topic: I’m down with that!

Biography: Hadri has spent the last 10 years trying to figure out whether his forehead is growing forwards or his hairline is receding backwards. So recently, he shaved his head and stopped pursuing that problem altogether. Concurrently, he is also working on drug formulations for the treatment of glaucoma and Alzheimer’s disease at Monash University Malaysia.