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British Animation Now is the screening of more than 20 of the best new British animated shorts, nominated for the prestigious McLaren Award which recognises the spirit of creativity in the animation sector of the UK.

First given in 1990, the McLaren Award is named in honour of the Scottish-born world-renowned animator Norman McLaren.

Catch this two hours’ worth of selected animated shorts of various styles – from illustrative to computer 3D, from stop motion to claymation – each of them nominated for the award from 2008 – 2012. Jointly curated by Edinburgh International Film Festival and the British Council, the screening is split into two programmes lasting one hour each.

British Animation Now promises to provide an insight into the great creative talents producing work in the United Kingdom today.  

PROGRAMME ONE features talents including BAFTA winner Mikey Please, Ottawa Festival Grand Prize winner Stephen Irwin and Victoria Mather, whose film Stanley Pickle has won more than 33 awards to date.

PROGRAMME TWO features BAFTA winners Will Anderson and Emma Lazenby, and Joseph Pierce, whose film A Family Portrait was nominated for a Cartoon d’Or.

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