British Council Society work delivers high-impact programmes to create positive and sustainable change for people and communities, across:

  • equal opportunity and diversity
  • access to education
  • social cohesion and inclusion
  • innovation in youth and social entrepreneurship
  • active citizenship

How we work across society

Our programmes have a transformative effect on society, enhanced by our partnerships with UK, Malaysian and international organisations, including:

  • ministries, government bodies and agencies
  • higher education institutions (HEIs) and academics
  • NGOs
  • civil society organisations
  • social entrepreneurs
  • private sector businesses

UK and international collaboration

We use our connections, influence and insight to source and connect the right combination of UK and international experts and practitioners for our projects, maximising the impact on peoples’ lives.  Working in synergy means we achieve more for society than we could alone.

Regional perspectives

We integrate experience and research from across East Asia to bring regional perspectives to finding solutions to society’s challenges, making them relevant to a wider audience.

Unique multi-disciplinary approach

Greater impact comes from the interplay of our arts, education and cultural activity and networks, creating a unique dynamism to how we deliver our society programmes.

Local and global connections

Our projects connect community challenges with the global concerns faced by all societies. This enables people to frame their ideas and experiences within a wider, shared context, inspiring them to act on issues that touch their daily lives, such as climate change, access to learning, culture or healthcare.

Society programmes in Malaysia

All Society programmes we lead are delivered with British and international collaboration.

  1. Global Social Enterprise Programme International partnerships to expand social investment and enterprise
  2. Active Citizens Helping to strengthen engagement in marginalised communities
  3. Premier Skills and Sports for All How we’ve used partnership to increase youth participation in sport 

Society impact and legacy

Our British Council Society Malaysia portfolio is multi-dimensional and brings lasting benefits for individuals and communities, by:

  • influencing national policy and research to identify high-impact strategies for positive social action and engagement
  • providing education, training for people who deliver critical social development activity
  • building confidence, resilience and aspiration among community leaders, entrepreneurs, students and volunteers, offering them direct, specialist access to British and international experts and practitioners
  • enabling education institutions in UK and Malaysia to expand their global experience and reputation, showcasing their lead knowledge and practice across society sector and higher education landscapes

By contributing the value of British experience to finding sustainable societal and community solutions, our work strengthens the bonds between the UK and Malaysia across education, society and culture. 

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