The British Council’s Global Social Enterprise is a collaborative programme which draws on UK experience to enable social enterprise and social investment to thrive. We do this by:

  • building capacity in the social enterprise sector
  • using our international networking expertise and experience to connect the right people and organisations together
  • supporting policymakers to optimise the environment for social enterprise and investment growth

The Global Social Enterprise programme delivers positive social change, inclusivity and sustainable development, creating opportunities for the UK and other countries to work together.

Running in Malaysia and in over 30 countries, the programme:

  • provides new and established social enterprises with training, consultancy and funding
  • shares British and international social enterprise practice to support policy change
  • incorporates social enterprise approaches into international development and education
  • manages high-profile events to encourage social enterprise and investment
  • connects social entrepreneurs, investors, organisations and higher education institutions
  • commissions research to inform decision-making and policy in social enterprise

 See the impact of the Global Social Enterprise Programme in Malaysia

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