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Most of the discourse on climate change to date revolves around the themes of human rights and impact of climate change issues on livelihoods. The A.R.C. Challenge Malaysia Forum on Youth, Climate Change and Cultural Rights aimed to contextualise and focus on climate change and cultural rights specifically from the youth perspective. The session included short presentations by experts from the UK and Malaysia to share country-level and organisational perspectives on trends, priorities and strategies which speak to the central theme on the role of youth in addressing climate change, and how our respective countries can enhance knowledge exchange and sharing of good practices via strategic collaborations for mutual benefit.   

The forum also featured a diverse panel of youth leaders from the arts, science and education sectors in Malaysia and the UK. This unique panel explored the fears and aspirations of young people on climate change issues, especially about the access to and impact on cultural rights. Facilitated by expert moderation, the panel debated on what a preferable and more sustainable future would look like for youth, climate change and cultural rights, and explore how UK and Malaysian youth can make a difference and influence existing political, economic and social models through engagement and collaborations with diverse stakeholders.  

The final highlight of the session was the announcement of the successful applicants of the A.R.C. Challenge Malaysia Grant — in response to Climate Change and COP26, which involves three seed funding grants of up to £10,000 each to kick-start joint UK-Malaysia responses to a shared climate change challenge cutting across disciplines and involving young people aged 18 to 35. 



  1. To create awareness on the UK and Malaysia priorities, policies and collaborations around climate change and cultural rights awareness.  
  2. To foster discussions between UK and Malaysia youth on how climate change issues can impact the ability to access culture and cultural initiatives without discrimination. 
  3. To explore collaborations and actions that can make a difference as youth re-imagine the preferable future model for climate change and cultural rights. 

Forum Details

Date: 4 February 2021 
Time: 4.30pm to 6pm (GMT+8)  

Venue: Microsoft Teams



Sharaad Kuttan, Senior Anchor, Astro Awani


Speakers & Panellists 



Policy makers, public and private sector stakeholders, academics, practitioners and young people from arts, education, science and civil society organisations with an interest in climate change and cultural rights.