We support the arts sector to respond to global challenges around inclusion and sustainability by capacity building and developing networks, celebrating best practice and giving people access to international showcasing platforms. 

Culture Responds to Global Challenges is a global programme focusing on the transformative power of arts and culture. It promotes artistic and cultural expression to create a more inclusive and sustainable future. Activity in this area across the globe includes supporting artists, cultural practitioners, and underrepresented groups to utilise the value of arts and culture to address social and environmental challenges. 

This work puts people and communities at the heart of the British Council’s cultural relations activity. It aims to develop long-lasting, equitable and mutually respectful relationships that are initiated locally and connected globally, and that generate sustainable and inclusive social and economic benefits for everyone, regardless of their background. 

In Malaysia, Culture Responds to Global Challenges is divided into two strands:

  1. Sustainability - including climate action.
  2. Inclusion & Cultural Diversity - increasing visibility and participation of under-represented groups in culture (including communities, young people, women and girls).


Culture Responds to Global Challenges programmes