I-Work Malaysia
1st I-Work Advisory Group Meeting at the British Council, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (16 April 2019) ©

British Council

The objective of the project is to improve the employment prospects of young people, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds, by piloting and introducing new approaches to employer led skills development. By promoting good practice, partnerships and mutual learning between Commonwealth member states at a policy and delivery level we will drive improved opportunities for youth whilst raising the knowledge and understanding of the Commonwealth and strengthening relationships with the UK.

The project will work in four ODA countries, Ghana, India, Malaysia and South Africa, but will disseminate the lessons and practice innovation across the Commonwealth. It will focus on three result areas which integrate work at system, institution and individual levels:

We will convene TVET leaders and practitioners in five countries by bringing them together to work face to face in six clusters. Each cluster will have representatives of Ghana, Malaysia, India, South Africa and UK. Grouping in clusters will enable leaders and practitioners to focus on developing action projects to address two of the overall themes of the FCO Inclusion Fund:

  •  Creating guidance and piloting activity to develop ‘skills training centres’ in each country that will act as focal point hubs to champion responsive and inclusive skills provision in local contexts.
  •  Influencing policy and practice at national and regional levels through developing frameworks and piloting projects that innovate in employer-led education.


We will research, benchmark and provide technical assistance to improve the provision of apprenticeships in our target countries. Working with government TVET Authorities we will benchmark the current system, identify areas for improvement and design and deliver technical assistance projects to improve apprenticeship policy, management and delivery. These projects will aim to address skills gaps and will through lesson learning and policy dialogue will lead to sustainable improvement in teaching and learning for the long term.

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