Paul Sternberg, Ravernsbourne University London at the Going Global Legacy forum, 'The UK-East Asia Higher Education Forum 2019' ©

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Going Global is the world’s largest open forum for international tertiary education leaders and specialists. This interactive conference is an unparalleled opportunity to network, debate and explore collaborative solutions to the challenges facing the sector in the 21st century.Tertiary institutions in the 21st century are both globally connected and locally engaged. They play a key role in communities – from helping to develop globally-minded citizens and fostering international partnerships, to creating the conditions for industry collaboration and social innovation.

Therefore, leveraging on Going Global conference in an ASEAN member state, the relationship between the UK and East Asia education sectors could be strengthen. The desired outcome is that the effective performance and sustainability of education sectors in participating countries is improved, leading to enhanced outcomes for beneficiaries. Integral to this project is the premise of shared prosperity whereby the UK and more developed ASEAN nations have increased access to student markets and TNE opportunities and emerging economies are given the opportunity to engage in collaborations which support the growth in capacity and quality of local provision.


The concept we are putting forward is a series of interconnected activities which allows us, through focused discussion and showcasing of UKs strengths, to support the development of the East Asia internationalisation agenda. As a result, a policy paper, developed in consultation with ASEAN policy influencers, at Going Global 2018 will clarify priority areas and the role of the UK and developed East Asian countries leading to more targeted interventions through policy dialogues, national working groups and focused study visits to the UK and provide a baseline for measuring progress and success.

Horizons 2025: ASEAN Higher Education Insights from Going Global 2018 and beyond

With Going Global 2018 (Malaysia) being hosted for the first time in an Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) member state, the purpose of this report is to capture the key priority areas for higher education (HE) in the ASEAN region, through analysis,  discussions and interviews with ASEAN higher education policy influencers and leaders.  These recommendations will provide a basis for further debate and discussions, leading on to more targeted interventions which are responsive to ASEAN regional priorities, draw on regional strengths and facilitate mutually beneficial collaborations between the ASEAN and the UK higher education sectors.

To access and view the report, please download the report at the bottom of this page. 


Photo was taken at one of the Going Global Legacy forum, 'The UK-East Asia Higher Education Forum 2019' ©

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Horizons 2025: New Agendas for Internationalisation

This Regional Policy Forum is a part of a series of interconnected activities which allows us, through focused discussion and showcasing of UK & ASEAN’s strengths, to support ASEAN’s higher internationalisation agenda towards 2025.

This event brought together key stakeholders from Ministries of Education, HE sector and other key influencers in the ASEAN and broader East Asia region to share and discuss internationalisation strategies for the near future, and to promote regional and UK collaborations in Higher Education through knowledge exchange and sharing of best practices. The main objectives are as follows: -

• Develop recommendations, in consultation with regional HE policy influencers, to clarify priority areas to support the regional higher education internationalisation agenda towards 2025.

• Share case studies and perspective on 2025 internationalisation strategies in the UK and East Asia.

• Create a forward-looking action plan for higher education internationalisation 2025 to leapfrog mutually beneficial collaborations between the UK, ASEAN and the broader East Asia region.

More information about the forum is accesible via:-                                                                                             

UK-EA Higher Education Forum 2019

On 31 October 2019, higher education institutions (HEI) representatives, policy makers, civil society organisations and corporates involved in social innovation gathered in Kuala Lumpur for the UK-East Asia Higher Education Forum. The one-day event was organised by the British Council in collaboration with the Association of Commonwealth Universities. The delegates looked into the contribution of universities in local, regional and global development through the lens of innovation.

Through three focused panel discussions and keynote presentations on innovative approaches, the multi-sectoral stakeholders explored their roles in higher education to create student-centred engagement curricula, integrate social innovation and entrepreneurship in the mission statement, as well as leading research innovation in consortium or cross-regional partnerships.

More information about the forum is acessible via:-                                                                                                       



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