The award recipients and finalists of Study UK Alumni Awards Malaysia 2024.

When outstanding individuals receive a world-class education in the UK, the effects can last a lifetime. The Study UK Alumni Awards celebrate the outstanding achievements of alumni and showcase the impact and value of a UK higher education. Award winners and finalists are leaders in their fields who have used their experience of studying at a UK university to make a positive contribution to their communities, professions, and countries.

Meet the Awardees

Science and Sustainability Award

The Science and Sustainability Award recognises alumni who have distinguished themselves through their career and achievements in the world of science and sustainability, and who can demonstrate the impact and scale of their achievements in their profession, and beyond. Areas of work could include climate action, clean energy, medicine, sustainable cities and communities, engineering, industry, and construction. 

Prof. Dr Abhi Veerakumarasivam (Award Recipient) 
University Of Cambridge

Prof. Dr Abhi Veerakumarasivam is an internationally recognised educator, geneticist, and science communicator who champions regional science excellence and sustainability. His Cambridge experience propelled his research in advancing our understanding of how genes influence cancer cell behaviour to improve patient outcomes. His efforts to promote science communication, science integrity, and science advice have equipped tens of thousands of researchers across Southeast Asia. As Provost of Sunway University, he leads the largest UK-Malaysia transnational education partnership – nurturing thousands of next-generation leaders with knowledge, skills, values, and mindset for a more harmonious, equitable and sustainable future through the Great UK education experience.

Prof. Dr Rosdiadee Nordin (Finalist)
University of Bristol

Prof. Dr Rosdiadee Nordin is an expert in wireless communications. He incorporates industry requirements and employs transdisciplinary approaches that lead to several innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solutions such as cellular-connected drones, rural wireless communications, and energy-efficient wireless communications. His academic journey at the University of Bristol has enriched him with solid wireless communications skills as well as transferable skills, especially in science communications. Prof. Dr Rosdiadee Nordin’s UK experience enables him to deliver top-tier research on wireless IoT and engage effectively with diverse stakeholders. He is on a transformative journey to revolutionize his wireless research, aiming to connect the remaining 32% of the world's population without Internet access through Open Science.

Dr Jacey-Lynn Minoi (Finalist)
Imperial College London
University of Manchester

 Dr Jacey-Lynn Minoi, Assoc. Prof. at University Malaysia Sarawak, co-founded the Creative Culture initiative and the first Gamification Centre in Malaysia. With a focus on STEAM+ and technology innovation education, she enriches local and indigenous communities by fostering creativity and collaboration. Her research explores empathic approaches in educational play and game development, benefiting Malaysia and S.E.A. Dr Jacey’s academic journey reflects a commitment to continuous learning, unlearning, and relearning, allowing her to embrace fresh perspectives. She aspires to lead a women empowerment program in Borneo, guiding local women's committees toward sustainability and resilience in innovation and technology amid the challenges posed by climate change.


Culture and Creativity Award

The Culture and Creativity Award recognises alumni who have carved a career for themselves in arts and culture. We are looking for individuals who can demonstrate their artistic ingenuity, influence, and creativity. Areas of work could include arts, design, media, video, TV, music, bloggers, vloggers, Youtubers and the humanities. 

Wendy Teo Boon Ting (Award Recipient)
University College London

Wendy Teo is a pioneering architect and cultural advocate in Malaysia. Her UK education fostered critical analysis, scholarly rigor, and a deep awareness of cultural complexities, empowering her to merge architecture with regional crafts upon her return to Kuching. Through Wendy Teo Atelier and Borneo Laboratory, she champions local craft communities, pioneering innovative design applications. Wendy's impact transcends borders, evident in the pan-Borneo craft research initiative, empowering communities across Sarawak, Sabah, and Kalimantan. Her work symbolizes a commitment to preserving heritage, fostering innovation, and uniting communities, marking a transformative journey from education to impactful practice, enriching cultural landscapes across Southeast Asia.

Dr Yeoh Pei Ann (Finalist)
King’s College London
Birmingham City University

Dr Yeoh Pei Ann, a multifaceted musician, is renowned as a violinist, composer, improviser, and esteemed music educator. Holding the position of senior lecturer at the College of Creative Arts, UiTM, she leads the Music Performance program at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Her dedication extends beyond academia; she actively fosters young talent as a music competition adjudicator and ABRSM music examiner. Her time in the UK was filled with various creative opportunities found through the interactions she formed with a diverse student body and the community of musicians. Furthermore, her exposure to fellow Malaysians from different backgrounds and field of study contributed to a unique learning experience, shaping her perspective on citizenship and belonging. Her current research interest follows from her experience studying in the UK, exploring the idea of heritage and cultural purpose through a reflection of what a Malaysian music identity can be.

Amanda Walter Mojilip (Finalist)
University of Nottingham

Motivated by her volunteer experience, Amanda delved into International Communication Studies, specializing in Film and French at the University of Nottingham Malaysia. Her immersion in film analysis has profoundly influenced her role as a community filmmaker. A standout aspect of her university journey was the robust network with indigenous filmmakers, which not only enriched her dissertation but also illuminated the nuances of indigenous storytelling in mainstream Malaysian media. Looking ahead, Amanda is committed to fostering opportunities for budding community filmmakers in Sabah which aims to empower grassroots voices, enabling them to authentically share stories. This contributes to positive social and environmental impact.


Social Action Award

The Social Action Award recognises alumni who have made an exceptional contribution and commitment to creating positive social change and improving the lives of others. Areas of work could include reducing inequality, poverty and hunger, education and upskilling, as well as peace and justice.

Dr Murallitharan Munisamy (Award Recipient)
London School of Economics & Political Science
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Dr Murallitharan Munisamy is a public health physician, writer, and health civil society advocate. In his primary role as the Managing Director of the National Cancer Society of Malaysia, he has led transformative efforts in providing equitable access to cancer care to all Malaysians. From his time at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine and the London School of Economics & Political Science, Dr Murallitharan obtained critical insights on conceptualising health solutions for all, inspired by the foundational humanistic philosophies and the rich institutional knowledge of his alma mater(s). He continues to lead work to build socially beneficial, sustainable reform of health systems in different countries across the developing world with a focus on non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

Dr Chong Su Li (Finalist)
University of Cambridge

Dr Chong Su Li is a Senior Lecturer in Universiti Teknologi Petronas where she leads UTP’s University Social Responsibility (Education Pillar). Her passion in literacy research and outreach work led her to create online literacy and STEM pedagogical videos and competitions for school children to participate in whilst being isolated at home during the pandemic. The 4-years she spent at the Faculty of Education, Cambridge University, opened her mind to new vistas in literacy education. She returned to Malaysia to better understand how Malaysians live their experience of struggling and learning to be literate in a multilingual, and multicultural context. Dr Chong Su Li’s ongoing research has resulted in the first all-Asian, award-winning edited book, published by Routledge which captures Asia’s voice on literacy education. Her work in social action has positively impacted the community around her campus and across the country.

Abir Abdul Rahim (Finalist)
City, University of London
Swansea University

Abir, a trailblazing advocate for women's rights, possesses a distinguished academic background, earning top honours in Actuarial Science from Swansea University and a master’s degree from Bayes Business School, London. Recognized with Malaysia's esteemed Agong Scholarship Award, she leveraged her student leadership as National Treasurer of UKEC to spearhead global youth empowerment efforts. Abir's transformative UK education not only enriched Malaysia's Insurance Takaful sector but also fuelled her leadership of Lean In Malaysia, challenging gender stereotypes and fostering women's empowerment. Her global outreach includes impactful engagements in the US, UK, Thailand, and Türkiye culminating in her role as a judge for the UN Women’s WEPs Awards Ceremony. Honoured as Malaysia's Women Leader 2022, Abir epitomizes dedication to advancing gender equality on a global scale.


Business and Innovation Award

The Business and Innovation Award recognises alumni who are active in initiating and contributing to innovative or creative ideas, solutions, or business opportunities that have the potential for growth. Areas of work could include entrepreneurship, business, technology.

Sr Vicky How Peck Ying (Award Recipient)
University of The West of England, Bristol

Sr Vicky How, a pioneering Property Valuer and esteemed Founder as well as CEO of Propedia Group, is renowned for her dedication to uplifting Malaysia's property market. Through innovative ventures like Propedia Consultancy, Academy, Management, and Benefits Malaysia, she drives impactful change. Beyond business, Sr How is a compassionate leader, actively aiding foreclosure victims and championing fresh starts through financial support and new home acquisitions. Her entrepreneurial journey, inspired by social responsibility, has led to remarkable success. Committed to philanthropy, she directs a portion of her earnings towards aiding the homeless and promoting rural education in Malaysia. As she highlighted, the transformative UK education she received accelerated her growth, laying the foundation for her thriving career and compassionate leadership style.

Dr Noorliza Karia (Finalist)
University of Hull

Dr Noorliza Karia, a distinguished Professor of Logistics and Operations at the University Sains Malaysia, holds a Ph.D. in Logistics from the University of Hull, UK. As a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, her expertise encompasses Logistics, Operations, Quality, Halal Logistics, and Supply Chain, among others. Dr Karia's scholarly contributions are widely recognized, with numerous publications in esteemed journals and citations from international scholars. She generously contributes to the academic community as a reviewer for ISI and Scopus index journals. Recognized as a leading logistics expert by the World Scientist and University Rankings 2024, her journey exemplifies dedication to meeting national demands and sharing expertise for the advancement of her field and community.

Adzfar Abd Aziz (Finalist)
University of Strathclyde

Adzfar Abd Aziz fondly known as Ed for “Engage Digitally”, is an accomplished multi-disciplinary executive and digital leader with over 18 years of experience as a marketing technologist, brand architect and trusted advisor to senior leadership teams, delivering high-growth revenue and engagement results for clients in multiple industries. While completing his MSc in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology from Strathclyde Business School as a Chevening Scholar, he co-founded WasteCoin Ltd, a digital "waste as a service" social enterprise with the vision to be the go-to platform for households to turn their recyclable waste into wealth.

The award recipients of Study UK Alumni Awards Malaysia 2024 (from left): Dr Murallitharan Munisamy, Wendy Teo Boon Ting, Sr Vicky How Peck Ying and Prof. Dr Abhi Veerakumarasivam