Projek Trash <–> Treasure is a residency programme that celebrates trash as a meeting point for culture sharing, sparking new conversations between creative practitioners from various disciplines.

Over the course of 5 months, 8 creative practitioners: 4 from the United Kingdom and 4 from Malaysia underwent a creative exchange using waste material as a point of contact. The artists began by collecting 'trash' from their daily lives and art practices. They then exchanged and repurposed the waste material received to create artwork as an outcome of the residency’s sharing and learning sessions.

The residency outcomes were exhibited at FABU Lab in Selangor, Malaysia from 18 - 20 February 2022 and at Anteros Arts Foundation in Norwich, UK from 22 - 26 February 2022.

Malaysia Artists:
Budi - Abdul Shakir
A Study In(To) Plastic - Fariza Azlina
Super Soluton: Dance Like There's No Tomorrow - KC Tan
Seascapes - Joanne Loo

UK Artists:
Outcomes - Caroline Hyde-Brown
Sea Postcards - Genevieve Rudd
Paper Cranes - Nur Hannah Wan
Celebrate Tea - Ummid Junid

Visit the Projek Trash <-> Treasure's website to learn more about the artists via recorded podcasts and their residency outcomes, or follow the project on Instagram.

Watch the wrap-up conversations available below between the artists and grant collaborators Joanne Loo and Ummi Junid.

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