The Professional Development and Engagement programme is shaped by the demands and development priorities of the country stakeholders, with the aim of supporting the research environment and enabling optimal impact from research. The programme provides a platform for learning, skills and experience exchange by connecting UK and international experts with partner country stakeholders.

Malaysian Research Management and Governance (MRMG) Project

Being world class in research and enterprise means adopting and meeting the criteria and standards of world-class research institutions and international practices,  Malaysia needs to ensure that the research ecosystems of higher education institutions are able to adapt smoothly with the transformation. The four-year project (2015-2019) entailed enhancing the management and governance on research and innovation, strengthening the structure and support mechanism of research management centres, and improving overall coordination at different levels in the institutions.

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Alliance of Technology Transfer Professionals (ATTP) Accredited Technology Transfer Workshops

A talent pool with skills sets relating to technology transfer and commercialisation recognised globally has become a pressing need to Malaysia as Malaysia aims to become an innovation-driven economy country.

The project (2017-2019) aimed to train and produce a pool of technology transfer professionals for Malaysia with international recognition under the purview of the Alliance of Technology Transfer Professionals (ATTP). It is planned in long term to bring the accreditation programme to Malaysia and develop Malaysia as a regional hub for the training of technology transfer professionals.

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Governance, Regulatory Framework and Policy Support for Knowledge Exchange and Technology Transfer in Malaysia

The two-year project (2019-2021) aims to address the governance, legal and regulatory framework surrounding the fragmented technology transfer landscape in Malaysia through providing a platform for ideas, knowledge and experience exchange and building among ministries, agencies, research management centre, technology transfer offices as well as identifying recommendations and actions to sustain the multi-level collaborations which would contribute to improving research pipelines and translation rate in Malaysia.

The project is in line with one of the six strategic thrusts, which is ‘advancing scientific and social research, development and commercialisation’) in the National Policy on Science, Technology and Innovation – NPSTI (2013 – 2020).

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