Improve your child’s grammar, vocabulary, listening, speaking and writing skills for all levels.

Join the millions who already trust us to give your child the head start they deserve.


  • Being confident in English can give your child an advantage at school, university and in their career, and as the global experts in teaching English you can rely on us to make this happen.


  • Our internationally qualified teachers deliver the highest quality lessons possible. Every lesson is a unique experience and has a focus on developing the skills your child will need to get ahead.


  • Through regular communication with our teachers through our learning portal, parent emails, parent workshops and termly reports you can keep up with the progress your child is making.

    Benefits for your child:

  • Speak, read and write with more confidence
  • Continuous monitoring of your child’s progress by the teacher
  • Learn grammar in a fun and engaging way
  • Challenging lessons that encourage interaction
  • Engaging projects to stimulate your child’s creativity in English
  • Problem-solving tasks to develop critical thinking and skills for life
  • Access to international competitions and activities
  • A safe and secure environment

Our courses are developed to:

    • introduce children to the Higher Order Thinking Skills that they will need for success in their future education and careers.
    • enhance balanced development of speaking, listening, reading and writing for your child. They will learn English in a fun and interactive class environment.
    • encourage interaction, team building and creative thinking. Children are encouraged to develop their skills in using English confidently and fluently in an environment where they can feel safe and supported. 

      What you need to know:

    • Term starts on 1 July 2017. Register early to get the popular time slots.
    • Classes are conducted once a week (Saturday or Sunday), 2 hours per session for 10 weeks.
    • Book an English level check for your child through our online booking system or call us to make an appointment.

      What our parents say:
    • 'My daughter has been with them for 3 years - from someone who has no confidence in speaking the language to someone who dares to stand up the stage for storytelling. The environment in the centre did really help her.'
    • 'My 5 year old daughter really enjoyed her first class. Looking for years of learning with the British Council.'
    • 'I sent my daughter to attend the British Council English lessons for 6 months when she was in Standard 6 (Chinese school). Even though is just once a week. I could see she really enjoyed in learning & her English has improved a lot.'
    • 'She could speak & write with confidence. The fee is high but is really value for money.'
    • 'I found out about the course from one of my colleague who has sent his children to maintain their English adequacy upon coming back from his 3-year London posting. In my case, I was worried about my then 6-year old son who have zero English background and even worse fell so alienated with the language.'
    • 'After 3 months following the weekly class, I can see my now 7 year old son having confidence in pronouncing English word while at the same time quickly pick up numbers of new vocabularies! Special dedication to Teacher Olga and her assistant, Teacher Ross from PP2 Class (Sunday). The same goes to Teacher Amna of UP3 (Sunday) for guiding my other son who used to have basic English to read and write but was very timid to speak out or express his view in English. All these wonderful progress make me decided to continue for further session April-June despite of restless weekend due to distance from home to the center! Great job British Council and keep it up! Thank you and regards.Parent of Ahmad Syamil and Ahmad Suhayl'


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