YL 6 reasons to study with us img

1. The English teaching experts you can trust

Over the past 75 years more than 100 million people in 100 different countries have learnt English with the British Council.

Our experience, our scale and our people are why you can count on us. We ensure our courses are always the highest quality and meet the most demanding professional standards. These strengths mean you will always be in safe hands.

2. Create a better future for your child through English

Give your child a head start in life by learning English with us and providing a solid foundation for future success. Better English opens the door to a better education and getting your child into the best universities; both here and abroad.

3. Equip your child with skills for life

Not only will your child learn English, they will also develop creativity, critical thinking and self-confidence. Our holistic approach to learning ensures your child’s personal, social and emotional development.

4. English courses of the highest quality

Our courses are designed to guarantee fun, interactive and effective lessons for your child. Termly assessments and report cards will provide you and your child with a sense of progress throughout the course.

5. The best English teachers in the world

We only employ highly qualified and experienced English teachers. They also bring a vast amount of cultural and teaching experience from around the world into your child’s classroom. We provide continuous professional development to all of our teachers globally, to give your child the best possible learning experience.

6. Connect your child to the world

Through our global network we can connect your child to the world outside of Malaysia.