To deliver the Human-Nature Programme we will work with three Malaysian based local community organisations.

Human-Nature Delivery partners: 

Borneo Bengkel

Borneo Bengkel is a pan-Borneo platform that seeks to highlight the island's creative communities. Through the lens of arts and culture, Borneo Bengkel engages creatives of all disciplines as well as researchers and community workers, providing opportunities for organic connections and sustainable partnerships. ‘Bengkel’ means 'workshop' in the Malay language, and it reflects Borneo Bengkel’s focus on knowledge exchange, mutual understanding, and collaboration.

Forever Sabah

Forever Sabah’s mission is to support Sabah’s transition to a diversified, equitable circular economy by catalysing positive institutional change through a ground-up, project-based approach; engaging the indigenous imperative and building capacity to sustainably manage Sabah’s natural resources; and enhancing social and ecological resilience in the face of changing climate and land use. Forever Sabah (FS) was formed in 2011 as a collaborative initiative housed within Land Empowerment Animals People (LEAP Spiral). Long-term collaborative partners include Partners for Community Organisations (PACOS) Trust and the Sabah Forestry Department (SFD). In 2016, Forever Sabah developed its own institutional structure and registered as a not-for-profit organization under Malaysia’s Companies Act 1965, becoming its own legal entity. Forever Sabah’s programmes cover a spectrum of initiatives that extend from ridge to reef in Sabah, and include numerous projects that directly involve local communities.

Catama Borneo

Based in Sarawak, Catama is an award-winning social enterprise working with rural and urban communities and creative practitioners to document, innovate and elevate traditional craft and cultural practices, and explore contemporary approaches to Borneo’s unique creative heritage. Through Their work they develop and deliver toolkits, products and systems for research, engagement and capacity building, and create products, platforms and opportunities for inter-generational knowledge transfer. A core approach is co-creation and collaboration to ensure the work produced is meaningful, impactful and responsive.

Our partners will support delivery of the programme, to:

  • enable partnerships between community leaders/members, Malaysian arts practitioners, scientists and academia and the UK arts sectors, to increase the capacity of artists and Civil Society Organisations to embed creative responses in their organisations and advocacy practices.
  • generate and share insights knowledge and best practices: generate thought leadership content on Climate response and on equitable participation and conversation for local communities.
  • initiate a network of cross discipline experts and arts practitioners to develop and share insights knowledge and best practices. 

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