Seven UK artists and professionals will take part in a delegation to Malaysia, aiming to foster collaborations with Malaysian counterparts on creative responses to climate adaptation. Delegates will have experience with multi-disciplinary projects that raise awareness and advocate for local cultural rights and climate challenges.

Following the delegation, an open call will invite creative commissions between UK and Malaysian teams, aiming to raise awareness and advocate for the role of arts and indigenous knowledge in climate adaptation.

Human-Nature Delegates

Alice Sharp

Artistic Director, Invisible Dust

Alice founded Invisible Dust a platform merging art and environmental activism. She leads projects internationally, aiming to unveil environmental issues through contemporary artworks. Notable ventures include Breathe and Forecast, engaging millions globally. Currently curating Wild Eye in Yorkshire and spearheading the Climate Clock project for Oulu Finland's EU City of Culture. Alice champions the fusion of arts and science for climate advocacy at prestigious forums like Davos and the UNDP.

Alysha Nelson


Alysha is a boundary-pushing artist exploring cultural heritage, climate resilience, and social justice through immersive performances and emerging technologies. With a focus on democratising VR and AR experiences, she collaborates with leading studios to amplify marginalised voices. Alysha's work fosters empathy and connection, transcending borders and fostering understanding.

Ashish Ghadiali

Filmmaker & Founder, Radical Ecology

Ashish is an interdisciplinary artist and activist known for his impactful films and cultural initiatives. Co-author of influential climate research, he directs films exploring ecological themes and curates exhibitions promoting social justice. Founder of Radical Ecology, Ashish advocates for climate action and cultural dialogue, weaving narratives of identity and environment.


Emma Nicolson

Head of Arts, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

Emma leads arts initiatives at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, blending art, science, and nature to engage audiences. With a rich background in curation and arts administration, she curates innovative exhibitions and collaborations, fostering dialogue on environmental and cultural issues. Emma is also trustee of Creative Carbon Scotland, Embrace.Space for Art, Creation, and Regeneration.


Kim Wide

CEO & Artistic Director, Take A Part

Kim is the driving force behind Take A Part, empowering communities through socially engaged arts. Through pioneering projects and partnerships, Kim facilitates grassroots activism and cultural expression, challenging societal norms and fostering inclusive change.

Lucy Byatt

Director, Hospitalfield

Lucy directs Hospitalfield in Arbroath, Scotland, revitalising the historic institution for modern arts and heritage education. Formerly head of National Programs at the Contemporary Art Society and Director of Spike Island, Lucy brings extensive experience in arts management and curation, championing contemporary artists and innovative programs.


Marenka Thompson-Odlum

Research Curator, Pitt Rivers Museum

Marenka is a Research Curator at the Pitt Rivers Museum, leading projects on decolonisation and community engagement. Her work redefines museum practices, addressing historical injustices and fostering inclusive narratives. Marenka's research explores the intersection of material culture, colonialism, and social justice, shedding light on overlooked histories.

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