Speak for Yourself!

When? 18-20 March 2020
Where? Penang centre only
How much? RM 499 (Early bird price) / RM699 (Normal price)

10-12 year olds

If your child is aged 10-12, get them feeling confident in front of an audience when speaking in public. In this course, students will learn about effective delivery techniques, how to organize information clearly, and how to increase impact through voice and gestures. All the skills they need to make them stand out from the crowd!

13-16 year olds

If your child wants to excel in elocution and public speaking competitions, this is the course for them! Students aged 13-16 will be learning how to express themselves powerfully. We’ll be looking at how to control voice and body language to maximise their message. Students will also learn a range of professional techniques to get and keep the audience’s attention.

Special feature

On day one, all students will deliver a speech which will be their individual benchmark. We’ll be using this to measure their improvement at the end of the course.

On the final day, parents are invited into the classroom to see the results of this fun, empowering and engaging workshop.

There will be a final prize for the most effective speech, and your child will also receive strong in-class support from their teacher, as well as extensive feedback on their performance.