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Confident speaking and writing through science and technology

(3 – 7 December)
Only RM940*

This year’s theme is “Confident writing and speaking through Science and Technology”. The “core” themes are:

  • The Solar Syste
  • Weird Science
  • Engineering and Architecture
  • The Human Body
  • The Animal Kingdom

Alongside learning key vocabulary, students will have the opportunity to develop their Speaking and Writing skills through a variety of fun and engaging tasks such as:

  • Creating and presenting posters
  • Imagining life on other planets
  • Creating fictional animals 
  • Participating in interactive experiments
  • ..and lots more!
Age Details Duration (7 hours)

5 – 6 year olds
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•  Activities include making posters, participating in an experiment and more.

•  Students will practice new vocabulary through writing and speaking about the topic of the day. 

10.00am − 5.00pm

7 – 8 year olds
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•  Activities include creating a fictional planet, using vocabulary to describe nature, learning and using vocabulary to talk about the human body and creating posters based on the topic of the day. 

10.00am − 5.00pm

9 – 10 year olds
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•  Students will have the opportunity to evaluate experiments, create fictional planets and animals and write and present fact files on the themes of ‘The Human Body’ and ‘Engineering and Architecture” 

10.00am − 5.00pm

11 – 13 year olds
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•  Students will make and present informative posters, conduct interviews and write an article about engaging themes such as medical mysteries, zero gravity and natural disasters.   

10.00am − 5.00pm

14 – 17 year olds
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•  Students will practice question forms, evaluation language, instruction giving, sequencing and planning through a variety of imaginative tasks and a class experiment. 

10.00am − 5.00pm