March Holiday Courses (KL, Damansara & Penang)

Whether it’s being able to write creatively or to speak with some pizazz in public, we’ve got you covered with our Holiday Programme!

If your child is aged 10 -12, get them into the writing zone through learning expert tricks and techniques by famous authors such as Tolkien and J. K. Rowling to begin their creative writing journey. Students will explore writing on the exciting topic of ‘Adventures in Space’ and also be invited to put their own modern twist to classic fairy tales such as Cinderella. Besides writing, the children will be coached with tips on how they too can wow and capture the attention of an audience with confidence.

Students aged 13 - 17 will be covering writing activities based on popular films and the role of modern technology in our futures. Students will be taught formal writing skills and craft a discursive essay. Emphasis will be placed on creating an impact during a presentation and the art of communication in groups. Students will also be equipped with effective and motivating techniques to help them to study outside of school.

Parents we don’t want you to miss out so you’re invited too to a parents’ viewing session for your child’s work and even get a chance to see them in action presenting their topics to a real live audience!

Location Price Age Groups Date Duration

Kuala Lumpur (Wisma Golden Eagle Realty)


10 to 12 years old (Creative Writing)

13 to 15 years old (Essay Writing)

16 to 17 years old (Essay Writing)

27 - 29 March 9.00am − 4.15pm

Mutiara Damansara (The Curve)


10 to 12 years old (Creative Writing)

13 to 15 years old (Essay Writing)

16 to 17 years old (Essay Writing)

27 - 29 March 10.00am − 5.15pm

Penang (Wisma Great Eastern)


10 to 12 years old (Accelerate Your Writing)

13 to 15 years old (Accelerate Your Writing)

28 - 29 March 10.00am − 5.00pm