What our customers say about our courses for adults

Ala Belgasem Elwani, Libya

First I would like to thank everyone in British Council Malaysia for giving me all I need. I had good times with good friends from different countries. Moreover, I would like to take more classes here in British Council to improve my English and try to focus on speaking and writing.

Leon, Japan

"The students are from all over the world so that we can have the international exchange and the teachers are all native and friendly. I've never been bored with learning English here. The biggest problem for Japanese is "feeling shy" but it will gone after 3 days, don't worry!"

Ritaj Mohamed, Libya

"Well, my journey at British Council was an interesting one. I studied here for about 4 months. I had the ability to meet new people from different countries and learn about new cultures. Teachers were amazing. I learnt a lot of them. They used different methods to teach us, even games were part of teaching. When I started learning English, my aim was to get a good score for my IELTS exam.  After 4 months I was ready to sit for the exam, and I could score 6.0."

Salma Othman, Libya

"I studied here to improve my English skills and also to meet new friends from different cultures and I did. I had an amazing 3 months with each class it was really interesting with lots of games. We compete with each other to improve our English. Our teachers were fun and kind also they make English an interesting language. After that, I knew I should take IELTS exam to finish my studies in University."

Jehad Abdeladim Alamin, Libya

"Studying here has helped me to improve my English and get good results in IELTS. One person who really helped to improve my writing for IELTS is Teacher Mark (Academic Advisor), which the British Council Malaysia provides for free to all the students who want some guidance and help. I made a lot of friends from all over the world and learned about others cultures and traditions."

Hussein Yaseen AlRashedi, Yemen

"I’ve met a lot of new friends. Teachers are very helpful whenever I have a problem. Teachers were there to guide me to the right path. One of the things I like the most in British Council is they provide free workshops which show the students a variety ways of learning. British Council helps me to speak English fluently which makes me able to finish my degree and move forward."

Ho Zhi Yi Ho Zhi Yi

"What I like the most about myClass is the opportunity to meet people from different countries. It allows me to learn about other cultures. English is the international language globally. I hope that in the future, I can help tie together people from different races through my English proficiency."

Wu Xingqi, China

"In British Council, I like the teachers the most. I like the teaching and making new friends in class."

Kim Young Hoon, Korea

"I love studying here! It's a great place to learn English especially for Koreans who wants to practice speaking English. I want to get more opportunities to speak with teachers, friends and I want to join more myClub. Teachers in British Council Malaysia are kind and easy going. I love studying in British Council Malaysia! After studying in British Council Malaysia, I will probably go to England to get more opportunities."

Lim Cheng Wu, China

"The things that I like the most about British Council Malaysia is probably the environment and all the courses they offer. I’m currently trying to pick up multiple languages as I hoped to become a translator in the near future."