What our customers say about our courses for adults

Lee, Japan

There are many types of people, culture, religions in Malaysia so foreigners are easy to join the community here. You might feel nervous at the first time, but after 3 months or 1 year, you’ll be surprised with the fact that you’ll be able to use English without any trouble. In fact, I joined the lowest class at first but I’m now in the upper intermediate class. Basically I’ve acquired the English skill by hanging out/going for lunch/dinner.

Seungkyo Seo, Korea

"One of best things about studying here is you can make many international friends from all over the world and you get to have great teachers. Unlike other English schools in the country, every student has their own culture background and their own English learning know-hows. This will help you understand them better and motivate you to continue learning English. Some other thing I’d like to mention is their teaching skills. They have developed their own unique teaching skills."

Shereen Lee, Malaysia

"Flexible and worth the money. I’ve improved my presentation skills and I'm speaking confidently to my clients now."

Hiromi Kurita, Japan

"What I like most about British Council Malaysia are the opportunities to meet people who come from different cultures, religions and beliefs. What I hope to achieve in the future with my English – I want to use English skills at work, such as writing academic articles, contracts and dealing with foreigners. Progress – I had some hesitation to speak English before joining British Council. Now, I try to speak English as frequently as possible."