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You will need to be prepared to live in a rural area!

The nature of the project means that schools are likely to be in areas that have limited access to luxuries you may be used to.

Almost all of our placements have already been filled with a mentor in the past and so accommodation options are available. We will support you by giving you the details of accommodation used by mentors where it is available. To find any other options, we suggest speaking with your schools and district office on arrival as the local way of finding houses/tenants is almost always through word of mouth. In the bigger cities, you may find estate agencies. The website www.Mudah.my works in a similar way to Craigslist or Gumtree and could either have some options or give you some idea of local prices for various towns.

Please note that you will be fully responsible for covering the costs of monthly rent, bills etc. As specified in your contract, you will have up to 14 nights of hotel accommodation provided by the British Council - this includes the nights you'll attend the  induction course and the remainder of the nights would be used nearer to your placement.