The Selangor Literacy Project is run by the British Council in collaboration with the Schools Management Division of the MoE, and with funding by HSBC. The project runs for around 8 months, from January to August 2017.

The project aims to create a love of reading in Primary School students, to support English teachers in their ability to teach reading and literacy skills, and to engage parents in encouraging their children to read and have fun learning English. 

The project runs across 6 primary schools in Selangor State, trains 50 teachers, impacts 7,500 children and engages with 300 parents, with the support and involvement of the Selangor Department of Education. 

There are three main activities in the project; 

Teacher Workshops

English language teachers in each school will participate in workshops led by experienced British Council trainers, focusing on how to use stories and develop literacy in class. 

Storybooks from the UK

Each school will receive a set of authentic and exciting UK story books suitable for primary-aged pupils (6-12 years) learning English. 

Community events

Teachers and HSBC volunteers, together with British Council trainers lead story-telling events and activities in schools for both parents and students, showing them the joys and benefits of reading books and how this can be encouraged and developed in the home.  A total of 3 events will run during the project.