Our aim is to help your child succeed at every stage of their academic journey. In kindergarten, that means preparing little ones to develop a love for reading and be confident communicators from an early age. 

Reading is a foundational skill for learning; early support will help children to enjoy a positive start in all subjects, while contributing to their all-round, holistic development. Through reading, children discover their creativity –  demonstrating an increasingly imaginative and inquisitive understanding of the world around them. We also see benefits like improved concentration, critical thinking, and emotional growth, readying them to become independent learners. 

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Let’s take a look at what parents can expect from our Phonics course.

Phonemic awareness

Children will develop a grasp of phonics and will be provided extra support to progress to reading fluency. Our friendly and dedicated teachers will focus on blending phonics – the building blocks of early literacy.

Letter formation and handwriting skills

Your child will become more familiar with sight words and letter formation. In a step up from pencil grip and letter formation activities, they will practise writing sentences of what they say to develop their language ability.

About our Phonics course for Early Years

This enrichment course is designed to give your child the tools they need to develop their love for reading and writing and eventually meet the new challenges of their first school year. The 10-week course consists of 15 hours of learning. Find out more about this course.