The countdown to the ELTDP Symposium is underway and we're looking forward to welcoming participants to Kuching.

Our 2015 Symposium theme is- Keeping it Going: Sustaining Professional Growth.   What is 'it'? What are you going to keep doing? What does 'it' mean to you?

We all have different experiences of working on the ELTDP, we have unique and individual stories to share. Tell us about your experience and your plans for the future. Share your #itis poster and your photo by sending your photo and a completed photography consent form to

Best wishes,

The Symposium Organising Committee


Please note that, due to logistical difficulties with capacity and room changeover, all presentation rooms will now have the round table seating arrangement.  Apologies for inconvenience caused to those candidates who requested U-shape/horseshoe set-up.  

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