(last updated: 17 August 2015)

General notes about shipping:

 1.    The baggage allowance can be used to send your baggage to wherever you want (not just your home country or country where you were previously stationed) provided the cost does not exceed your allowance.

 2.    There are several ways to ship your personal effects: eg send by post and claim, or send with a shipping company which is a BC vendor (BC pays direct).  On ELTDP1, we were also able to arrange pre-authorised shipments with POSLAJU which were paid direct by the BC.  I can now confirm that this option is again available on ELTDP2 – see detailed instructions below on how to do this.

 3.    Below is a list of shipping companies, including those which are BC vendors. (Please note that just because a shipper is on the list does not mean that the BC recommends it).

 4.    Arranging shipping and any insurance is your responsibility. We cannot liaise with shippers on your behalf - please discuss any problems direct with them.

 5.    Baggage can be shipped as of now (some of you may indeed already have started shipping some of your effects).

 6.    No claims for shipping will be accepted once you have left the project. The BC will not pay for excess baggage costs as these would involve claiming after you have left.

 7.    Any extra cost of air ticket due to shipping of pets, bicycles, musical instruments, etc will be counted under your shipping allowance.  (Note, the project will not pay for any expenses, other than your actual flight ticket, related to the shipping of these items, eg cage, quarantine, packaging etc).  It is your responsibility to contact the suggested airline to check that you are allowed to take the item when being asked to confirm flights.

 8.    The project will not pay storage charges beyond normal storage in order to ship promptly out of the country.  However, in the event that the contract is extended and you are re-emplyed, you may claim against receipts for storage charges under your ELTDP3 shipping allowance.



We will do our very best to pay any claim which reaches the Kuching office by 1 Septinto your local bank account before you leave. Any claim reaching us between 2-30 Sept will also be paid into your local bank account, but is likely to enter your local account once you have left. No claims can be submitted after you have left. If you just want to send items and put in a claim, you can ignore the rest of this information and do not need to return the spreadsheet (attached below). 



Using a shipping agent which is a BC vendor

If you want us to pay your shipper direct, by setting up a purchase order, we need to know how much is left of your allowance. So, you need to fill in the shipping form and return it by 1 Sept. This tells us:

 1.    The total value of any claims submitted by you by 1 Sept. 

 2.    Any amount you want to set aside for expenses you incur in Sept. These will have to be estimates and can be of 2 types:

      a.    A claim to be submitted before you leave (eg you may need to transport your goods to an airport if your shipper cannot pick up from your door)

      b.    A pre-authorised shipment with POSLAJU (see below)

 3.    Subtracting 1 and 2 above from your shipping allowance gives us the maximum amount of the purchase order we will issue to the shipper.


Notes on shipping with a BC vendor

 a)    Baggage must be shipped before you leave Malaysia.

 b)    No extra storage of baggage is allowed (beyond that required to deliver your baggage in the normal way) as this will delay the invoice.

 c)    If you are arranging for shipment of your effects “door to door”, please clarify in advance with your shipper what will happen once your goods get to the port (ie airport in most cases) in the country of destination, since problems can arise regarding payment of customs duties, etc. Please liaise with your shipper to avoid these problems and avoid delays in the submission of the invoice.

 d)    This is the process:

            i.        you contact the shipper and request a quote for your shipment

            ii.        you submit your shipping form (by 1 Sept at the latest)

            iii.        you send your shipping quote to Jennifer and ask the shipper to contact us to request a purchase order. This will be based on the quote but only up to the amount of  your allowance (minus any other baggage claims specified on your shipping form). You must inform the shipper that any amount over your allowance will be paid by you, eg by bank transfer from your overseas account. If the amount is less than your allowance, the PO will cover it. (We can only issue a PO to one shipper).

            iv.        We send the purchase order to the shipper.

            v.        The shipper ships your goods and submits the invoice to the Kuching office.

            vi.        We will pay the invoice provided it does not exceed the amount of the purchase order.


Pre-authorised POSLAJU shipment

  • Detailed instructions on how to do this are on the spreadsheet, but basically you request authorisation from Jennifer, we send you the authorisation together with an account no, you take this number and your passport to the Post Office and send the goods (without paying) and then we pay the invoice when it is submitted to us by POSLAJU. Please note that we can only issue one pre-authorisation per person and you can only make one pre-authorised shipment via POSLAJU (ie no mulitple visits to the Post Office, but you can send as many parcels as you like, so long as you send them all in one go).
  • Please send in your request for a pre-authorisation in good time.  Based on our experience on ELTDP1 we have specified 5 working days on the shipping form to set up the pre-authorisation, but it could take longer so don’t leave it till the last minute.
  • The pre-authorisation we give you can only be used to send goods by POSLAJU (EMS). If you want to send your goods by “Sea Parcel”, then you will have to pay in cash and claim.
  • If you only wish to get pre-authorisation to ship with POSLAJU but do not need a purchase order for a shipping agent, you still need to fill in the attached form- just ignore the amount of the PO.
  • If you want to ship with POSLAJU and use a BC vendor, you can. The form will tell us what we need to know.


 You only need to fill in the attached form if you are shipping with a BC vendor and/or by pre-authorised POSLAJU shipment.

  • The form must be submitted by 1 Sept to Jennifer in the Kuching office. 
  • You can send your form before 1 Sept but will have to estimate any costs you don’t know. 
  • We cannot reduce the amount of the purchase order once it has been issued.