(last updated 7 August 2015)

In the final few days of the project, your will need to hand over to your PM the British Council equipment supplied to you to do your job as a mentor.  The precise time and place of handover will depend on your zone and your PM will agree this with you separately. In the meantime, please take a look at the following list so that you know what to hand over:


Equipment to be returned:

•Laptop and mouse, backpack, A/C adaptor, CDs (Reinstallation DVD, Resource Media, Resource Media – Dell webcam central for business);

•Kingston Encrypted USB Drive (Do not attach your password to the drive for security reasons)

•Video camera (if appropriate), including cam cable, cam bag, tripod, SD card.

•Any other project equipment you may have borrowed (e.g. data projector, banners, etc).

You do not need to give back academic books supplied to you (eg Reflective Practice’ by Pollard.


Other instructions

•Please print out and fill out the attached checklists when handing over your equipment.  We have to record this information in our inventory for audit purposes so these checklists are very important.  Don’t forget to add your name, signature and date at the bottom of each form so we know who has returned the items!

•When your laptop and encrypted USB drive arrive in the Kuching office, they will be wiped of all programs, files, etc so please make sure you have taken copies of any files that you need before handing them over.  

•Also, before handing over your laptop to your PM, please delete all data (see attached instructions on how to do this) and log out of your email, Skype, Dropbox, Facebook accounts, etc.  (This is a security measure in case your laptop goes astray on its way to Kuching).  

•We do not need the password for your encrypted drive.

•Please destroy any sensitive documents (eg lists of names and addresses of teachers) in your possession by burning them.