(last up dated 10 August 2015)

 As you know, we are still waiting to hear from the MoE regarding the extension of ELTDP.  Despite the uncertainty, at last week’s quarterly management meeting in Kuching, the management team made some decisions regarding the re-signing process for mentors who wish to continue to work as mentors on ELTDP in the event of an extension.  


We would please ask you ALL to complete the attached form (even if you do not wish to re-sign as a mentor) as it includes details of your contact details once you leave the project.



 Please note that filling in the attached preference form is in no way binding. 



1.We would like everyone to fill in the attached form to let us know whether or not you are interested in re-signing with ELTDP and if so, what your preferences are.  The deadline for receiving this in the Kuching office is Tuesday 1 Sept*.  Please send your form to Yik at Yik.MeeHung@britishcouncil.org

2.There will be no need for current mentors wishing to re-sign to sit an interview.  You will be assessed on the basis of your latest End of Year Record of Performance. (This assumes that the nature of the project extension is the same as the current project).

3.Provided your EOYROP is satisfactory, we will send you details of an offer of employment as soon as possible after 1 Sept (this is unlikely to be before 30 Sept).



*Please note, if you submit your preference after 1 Sept, we cannot guarantee you will be able to remain in your current sub-cluster (assuming it is still available under the contract extension). 


In order to help you decide whether or not you would like to re-sign to work on the expected ELTDP extension, there is some information below about the re-signing process and conditions.  Please note that this information is for guidance only and does not constitute a contract. It is an attempt to give you the most accurate information we can, given our present knowledge.



The offer of employment will be based on all the usual conditions:


1.Medical and visa clearance for yourself and any accompanying family members 

2.You present a valid satisfactory Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS, previously termed CRB) check and a local police check from your country of residence, if required

3.You present the original certificates for any professional and academic qualifications, if required

4.Your application for the position is approved by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia 

5.Your departure for Malaysia is not unduly delayed.




a.that the Malaysian Government has officially informed British Council Malaysia of the extension of ELTDP

b.that you meet any new MoE requirements should the nature of the project change



Requests to remain where you are, ie in your present sub-cluster will be granted, subject to MoE confirmation that your sub-cluster will remain part of the project and subject to MoE approval of your re-appointment.  (Please note, even if your sub-cluster is retained, one or more of your schools may change).



If you wish to re-sign, but move to a different location, please make your preferences known on the attached form. 


•Even if you are interested in re-signing, you still need to complete all the exit standard exit procedures in connection with your current contract with ELTDP (tax closure, visa shortening, exit from Malaysia on the date of your e-ticket provided by the project, etc)

•Our current understanding is that if you close your EPF account, you will be able to open a new one once you have obtained a new work pass.  Alternatively, you may choose not to close your current EPF account, but remember that if for some reason you do not return to Malaysia, withdrawing your EPF and repatriating the funds could be problematical.  If in doubt, ask your nearest EPF office.

•We will not be able to confirm the exact location of your post until MoE have informed us what placements will be available, but we will obviously do our best to place you according to your preferences.

•Some of you have expressed concerns about the age restrictions on contracts.  The current regulations state that you must be no older than 63 at the start of your contract.  There may be some flexibility from the MoE on this rule, but this cannot be guaranteed.

•We will not be able to provide any information about such matters as contract length, re-signing bonus, end of contract completion bonus, and other contractual details until we know more about the terms of the project extension.