(last updated 20 July 2015)

Before leaving the project, we presume you will want to close your EPF account.  We will stop paying contributions into all EPF accounts in June.  This is to ensure that you have sufficient time to close the account and receive your money.  If, for some reason, you do not want us to stop paying into your EPF account in June, you must provide Wendy with a written instruction (email) by 5 June stating when exactly you wish us to stop paying into EPF.  Please note that delaying the closure of your EPF account may result in difficulties closing the account or receiving the payout.

As stated above, the last contribution will be paid into your EPF account with your June salary, unless you have specifically instructed us to do otherwise by 5 June.  This contribution should go into your EPF account by 15 July.

The employer’s contributions for July, August and September will be paid into your salary and the employee’s contributions will no longer be deducted from your salary.


EPF account closing procedure, Step 1: Preparation of documents

You will need the following documents which will be supplied by the British Council:

  1. A Statement of Contributions
  2. A Termination of Contract Letter

 (For Sabah only)

3. Letter that states you are recruited by The British Council on behalf of the Malaysian Ministry of Education.

We aim to get these documents to you by Friday 24 July

 You will also need:

Your original passport (see “new passport note” below if you have changed your passport)

  1. Photocopies of your passport information page and work visa
  2. (Completed withdrawal application form – you can prepare this in advance or complete it at the office - see below)

EPF account closing procedure, Step 2: Visit the EPF office to close your account

To ensure your June payment has entered your account, you are advised not go to the EPF office to close your EPF account until on or after Monday 20 July.

Take all the required documents to an EPF office (not a kiosk) and submit them along with a completed Withdrawal Application form.  You can download this form here.  If the link does not open, try pasting the following address into your web browser: http://www.kwsp.gov.my/portal/documents/10180/177619/Borang_Meninggalkan_Negara_Oktober_2014__PINDAAN_.pdf

You can fill out this form in advance or do this once you get to the EPF office.  Even if you fill it out in the office, you might want to download it in advance to see what information you will have to fill in.  You will also find a checklist of documents you will need to take with you (see “expatriate” column).  




(Please note, in the Withdrawal Application Form notes it says you cannot close your EPF account until 2 months before you leave.  We have checked and been assured that it will be OK for you to close the account on 20 July).




If you have problems closing your EPF, please contact Lydiana immediately.


Travel to close your EPF account

For the main part, all costs associated with closing your EPF account (photocopying, postage, travel, etc) are at your own expense.  In most cases, staff will be able to visit the EPF office during the day. However, staff in more remote locations can claim for essential travel expenses. This will be in cases where you need to:

  • fly to your nearest office
  • stay overnight
  • travel more than 30 km (60km round trip). In this case only the portion over 60km can be claimed.

You must agree any absence with your PM.  It is important that you submit your claim as soon as possible as this will be paid into your local account.  Please ask the office to arrange your flights and hotel.  No subsistence or PIE will be claimable.

Specifying payment method

There are a number of ways in which you can receive your EPF payout:

  1. direct payment into your local account
  2. as a cheque (payable into a Malaysian bank)
  3. direct payment into an overseas account

You have to choose one of the above methods when closing your account. 

Re method 1 some staff who chose to have the payment made directly into their local account on ELTDP1 had the payment rejected (for no apparent reason).  They received the following text message:  “Bayaran Pengeluaran gagal dikreditkan ke akaun anda dan digantikan dengan cek jurubank. Hubungi KWSP di 03-89226000 untuk maklumat lajut”.  This means: “Withdrawal payment failed to be credited into your account and has been replaced by a bank cheque. Contact EPF at 03-89226000 for more information”

If you receive such a message, plse ring the phone no given for more information.

Also, if you choose Method 1, you will need to take your original bank book and a photocopy.  Make sure that you name and passport number at the bank match those at EPF.

Re method 2, please ensure that any cheque that is mailed to you is sent to your personal address, not to the Kuching office.

New passport

If you have changed your passport since you opened your EPF account or bank account, you must make sure that you have registered your new passport with both EPF and your bank. This takes time so do it now if necessary.  Failure to do so will mean that you will not be able to withdraw your your EPF payment and if they are paying the balance into your local bank account, it will be rejected by the bank. To register a new passport with your bank, you must do this at the branch where it was opened, or request to change your branch to your local one.  This all takes time so don’t wait till the last minute.