(last updated 8 July 2015)


Leaving  Accomodation

Tell your landlord you are leaving

According to Malaysian law you can break your contract with a minimum of 2 months notice if you are leaving the country.


Cancel all services to your flat and pay off all bills

1. Please note if you have a landline it may take at least 3 months to get the deposit back. In theory they will send the money to you but there is no guarantee.
2. You will need to cancel your Astro and Streamyx accounts, if applicable. Again, it can take time to get back any deposit paid. If these subscriptions are in your landlord’s name you will have to negotiate with him/her regarding any amounts payable.


Cancelling your post-paid mobile phone account

1. There is likely to be a delay of several months in getting your deposit back when you cancel your post-paid phone/dongle contract. This is paid in the form of a local cheque. It is unlikely that the telephone company will be able to refund your deposit into a foreign bank and the cheques are not cashable outside Malaysia. 
2. Celcom say there is a chance that with a lot of paperwork, you can nominate someone else in Malaysia to receive the refunded deposit but this not guaranteed and requires several letters, forms etc and so lots of time. 
3. You might decide to cancel your post-paid line now and switch to a prepaid line. (Celcom say that you cannot keep the same number if you switch to a pre-paid number).  
4. If you have any questions, contact your telephone company for advice.