South East Asia Creative Hubs Connect

About UK-SEA Creative Hubs Connect 

UK-SEA Creative Hubs Connect is a project that connects Creative Hub leaders, innovators, and practitioners in South East Asia and the UK. Together with project partners, the network has made possible the development of an online platform that brings together networks, resources, and research, offering direct access to expertise in the UK and South East Asia.  

The UK-SEA Creative Hubs Connect, Mereka Connect is a one-stop-platform for:  

  • creative economy resources,  
  • funding opportunities,  
  • research reports and toolkits,  
  • digital and management tools.

The online platform is designed for art practitioners and organisations to learn more about Creative Hubs, and support Creative Hubs to connect and network with each other, share resources, explore new markets, and foster creative explorations and collaborations. 

Our Partners

The UK-SEA Creative Hubs Connect is an initiative supported by the British Council and co-organised by Mereka Connect (Malaysia) and Baltic Creative CIC (UK). The UK-SEA Creative Hubs Connect links creative hubs across the UK and five countries in South East Asia – Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Viet Nam and the Philippines – with direct access to networks, resources and research, all on a single platform.  

Since 2022, Mereka Connect (Malaysia) and Baltic Creative CIC (UK) have worked towards fortifying the Mereka Connect platform, broadening their horizons, and actively connecting with creative minds and hubs.

Check out the UK-SEA Creative Hubs Connect impact infographic illustrating the project's milestones and unique facets of the Mereka Connect platform.