To provide classroom management assistance to teachers of young learners and to assist in the day to day management and protection of young learners while they are in the centre.


Location Kuala Lumpur, Damansara, and Penang
Salary MYR15 per hour
Closing date 28 February 2019

Role overview


Support Young Learner (YL) Management team by: 

• Providing support to teachers and working with them to meet young learner students’ needs.

• Teaching materials and areas are tidy an well maintained

• Receiving positive feedback from teachers, students and parents 


• Maintaining good relationships with customers and colleagues

• Supporting teachers and YL management team

• Ensuring the safety of the children in the building

Main duties:

  1. Report to Teaching Assist Coordinator 15 minutes before the class.
  2. Meet with the class teacher 10 minutes before the class and assist them in preparing class materials and take them to the classroom.
  3. Be in the classroom 5 minutes before the class starts to ensure the children get settled and ready for class.
  4. Assist teacher with classroom management, helping students who are struggling by asking them questions in English and encouraging them.
  5. Bring any sick children out of the classroom and report them to CS staff or YL Manager/Coordinator.
  6. Help out in between break-times when floor-walking by restocking classrooms with glue, scissors and coloured pencils and re-stocking the materials area with sharpened pencils, rubbers, and pencil sharpeners.
  7. Help out in between break-times when floor-walking by tidying young learner materials and putting things back in the right place, and by checking the box and regularly putting up high quality displays of student work and keeping them neat and well presented.
  8. Help out teachers who don’t have a YLA, eg. By taking a sick child to the Duty Manager, checking the registration details of students at the start of term, contacting IT or facilities staff.
  9. Support local marketing and promotional strategy, by delivering excellent customer service by answering parent’s questions or directing them to the appropriate person.
  10. Uphold our child protection systems and procedures for leaving the building by going to the designated exit to check children’s tags and if parents are late, helping CS staff to phone the parents, supervise the children at all times while they are waiting, and record late parents and the collection time in the late book.
  11. Monitor students before class and during break times by walking around and employing positive discipline methods to make sure young learners don’t run, are safe in the building and behave appropriately. 
  12. Act as fire safety officer.


How to apply

Please complete the 'External Application Form and send it to us at quoting the 'Young Learner Assistant' position in the email subject line.