As a programme, ARTICULATE exemplifies how art continues to inspire hope even in the bleakest of times. The pandemic may have thrown a damper across the globe, yet ARTICULATE managed to bring together 40 young artists from 12 UK regions and 5 ASEAN countries, to collaborate and grow together through art. 

Between March and May 2021, the selected participants attended a series of art master classes and cultural dialogue. The opportunity fostered friendships and exposure to diverse cultures, which enriched the perspectives of the youth. At the same time, they were also able to pick up new art skills and technological know-how before showcasing their talents at a digital art exhibition.

 Led by Anna Karina of ARTDIALOGO Asia and Bien King of Let's Reinvent, the ARTICULATE programme champions cultural understanding and encourages exploration of art-centric digital innovations between ASEAN and the UK.

The three-month-long cross-cultural collaboration helped youth participants to boost their portfolios whilst weaving long-lasting relationships. Apart from helping young artists build confidence in their own work, the initiative showed how the young artists may transcend barriers of geography and culture through art and evolving technology. Check out the e-booklet of the final art works produced by the ARTICULATE participants.

In creating space for Southeast Asian and British young artists to come together, ARTICULATE has served as a platform to cultivate future collaborations and continued cross-cultural exchange. Most of the artists from the ARTICULATE cohort have continued to actively collaborate with the programme organisers and start off their own art initiatives. Among them, Ethan Dailo, was inspired to launch an art organisation called, Arternatibo for Philippines youth and Aly Zlatar, also received the Princess Diana Leadership Award. Organisers, Anna and Bien continue to work as artists and activists, and have since collaborated on another project about migration and art for showcase in 2023. 

Watch the programme closing and virtual exhibition launch event.

Anna Karina Jardin

Anna Karina Jardin is a Filipino visual artist and creative consultant based in Malaysia. She is known as an artistic leader who designs and conducts cross cultural-themed programs across ASEAN and Central Asia. She founded ARTDIALOGO Asia, a cross-cultural platform promoting intercultural dialogues, social inclusion, and community participation through the arts. ARTDIALOGO Asia has delivered five cycles in three countries to date. Karina has also featured and produced a series of online art tutorials such as SINGINGKWELA and for the ASEAN Committee in Madrid (2020). Recently, she published a children's story book, It's OK Afan. 

Bien King

Bien King co-produced the ARTICULATE programme alongside Karina, as the leader of the London-based organisation, Let’s Reinvent. Let’s Reinvent is committed to raising awareness and opportunities globally for women, youth and people of under-represented backgrounds to thrive in the tech-driven future. As a youth leader in London, Bien has worked with various civil organisations, such as the Global Shapers London Hub, an initiative by the World Economic Forum, the Toastmasters club of the Project Management Institute, the Rotary Passport Club in London as a founding member, and the Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures and Commerce as a fellow. She has also delivered youth-centred, entrepreneurial and tech-driven programmes internationally in collaboration with various governments and organisations across Asia Pacific, US, UK and EMEA. Bien is also an award-winning poet and spoken word poetry performer who has been featured on BBC.

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