The Art of Falling is a dance solo developed by Malaysian dancer, Hwa Wei-An, that underwent development through an artistic exchange with British choreographer, Richard Chappell. 

Throughout a two-week stint in Ipswich, Wei-An and Richard immersed themselves in conversation and dance practice that was inspired by the narrative and characters in Thomas Meyer’s Beowulf.

Apart from gaining insights into movement and choreography, Wei-An also learned about running a dance company and was exposed to potential collaborations and work opportunities through Richard’s network and other dance performers in the United Kingdom. 

For Wei-An, attending the dance residency in the UK turned into an enriching experience under the personal mentorship of Richard. Wei-An was able to hone his dance craft and strike potential collaborations through networking with UK counterparts.

Hwa Wei-An

Hwa Wei-An is an independent artist whose dance choreography is inspired by various elements of movement.  His solo, "The Art of Falling" has been performed in Dancebox 2018 (Malaysia), Echo Echo Dance Festival 2018 (Derry, Northern Ireland), Dancebox Festival 2019 ( Malaysia), and New Dance for Asia 2019 (S. Korea). While in residency at Dance Nucleus (Singapore), Wei-An worked on a developing work-in-progress based on freeride mountain biking and rhythm sections. He had also co-choreographed and performed "Ignoramus" with Kim Ho-yeon and Lim JungHa of the S. Korean company, Dab Dance Project.

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