About this course 

Struggle choosing the right words with challenging situations at work?  Worried your explanations or tone will make the situation escalate?  Need practise with your business writing for difficult clients, customers, and colleagues? 

In this informative workshop you will learn how to write credible, sensitive and diplomatic replies in challenging situations.  You’ll learn tips to get your emails answered in tricky situations.  You’ll also get expert 1:1 feedback on your writing so you’ll know better what to say (and how to say it).

Your experienced trainer will guide you through a variety of fun and informative learning activities to apply key concepts and techniques so your emails get noticed for all the right reasons.

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to further develop their business writing especially when responding clearly and sensitively in challenging situations.

Course Benefits

  • Build a toolkit of language to respond more positively and diplomatically
  • Win techniques to deal with challenging situations quickly and effectively
  • Become more proficient with your business writing (style, structure, and grammar)

Course Objectives

  • Plan, structure, write and edit more clearly
  • Adapt writing to the reader by showing greater empathy with refusals 
  • Maintain and build relationships

Course Outline

Fundamentals of writing challenging emails and virtual chat - Learn how to quickly understand your reader’s needs, balance their expectations, and analyse the impact of your reply

Structuring and sequencing with empathy - Empathy is a powerful tool when used rightly.  Harness its power with the best openings and closings to win over your audience

Presenting credible explanations - Select the best explanation for your situation, explaining the benefits of regulations and policies with Plain English

Mending relationships and knowing when to apologise - Handle escalations by matching different levels of formality to your context with sincerity (and an apology if necessary)

Writing refusals diplomatically - Gain strategies for saying “no” without saying “no” (especially when someone won’t take “no” for an answer!) 

Maintaining relationships like a pro - Understand how to best repair following an aggressive email, defusing with solutions that mend the damage