Booking your lessons

Booking your lessons is easy, simply log into your myClass account using a browser at or download the 'British Council myClass' app on your phone.

Steps for booking lessons via web or app:

  • Select your centre as 'Malaysia Virtual'.
  • Choose any available IELTS lesson and click 'Book'.
  • You can book your lessons in any order.
  • To take part in the lesson, click 'Join now' and you will be redirected to enter your class through Zoom.

Please note that we strongly recommend that you take lesson marked 'Practice Test' after having taken at least five different lessons for that skill (Reading, Speaking, Listening, Writing), or towards the end of your course. Practice test lessons resemble the real IELTS test - you will be asked to work independently, and the teacher will only offer feedback and support once the allocated time has passed. This is a good opportunity to see where you're at versus your IELTS target score, but it is best to try this after taking a few regular lessons first.

Taking part in a lesson

  • You will need Zoom installed on your desktop. Download it here.
  • If you join via Zoom app on your phone, you will not have access to certain features, e.g. files shared via chat.
  • A second device, e.g. a tablet, a phone, or an additional monitor might be handy, especially for reading and writing exercises, but is not necessary.
  • Have a pen and paper ready and choose a quiet place or us noise cancelling headphones.

For more information about IELTS Preparation Online, contact our Customer Service team at or 03-2723 7900.

1:1 academic consultations with an IELTS Coach

As part of our commitment to your learning, students on the 48-lesson course will have access to three 1:1 academic consultations with a British Council qualified teacher who specialises in test preparation.

Here's what you'll get out of these consultations:

Session 1 - recommended at the start of your course, or before lesson 10

  • Put together a study plan
  • Get information on valuable resources designed to help you progress faster
  • Get feedback on Speaking Part 1

Session 2 - recommended between lessons 15 - 25

  • Track your progress / discuss challenges and achievements
  • Get advice on what to focus on before your test
  • Get feedback on Speaking Part 2

Session 3 - recommended between lessons 35 - 48

  • Consolidate progress you've made
  • Get some useful tips for test day
  • Get feedback on Speaking Part 3

Book your 1:1 consultations by emailing or calling 03-2723 7900.

Online resources

In addition to your course, you will receive six months access to our online resources for free. Keep an eye out for an email from Check your junk mail folder if you don't receive this welcome email. Follow the steps per the email to get started.

An excellent way to practise and retain vocabulary, improve reading and listening skills, these resources are the perfect way to supplement  your course. You can also do the activities on your phone.

Getting feedback on your writing tasks

To get feedback, send the completed task (in Word file format) to, and include your name, student number and the title of the IELTS class you attended. Your IELTS Coach will get back to you within 7 working days.

Need help?

Don't hesitate to contact us at or 03-2723 7900.