Calling all Finance, HR and IT professionals! Wishing you could explain technical queries or policies with greater ease?

Bosses saying your replies 'lack empathy' or 'confuse'?

Worried how to say "no" so that the situation won't get worse?

Need to polish common grammar hotspots?

Modernisation and digitisation mean we communicate by email and chat more than ever.  Whether you’re proficient in English or not, responding clearly and sensitively gets noticed.  This compelling Masterclass gives the skills and practice to give credible and diplomatic replies to internal and external stakeholders.  You’ll learn how to explain regulations with the right language.  You’ll also learn the most common pitfalls when handling refusals.

Session 1: Fundamentals of writing challenging emails and virtual chat
Learn how to quickly understand your reader’s needs, balance their expectations, and analyse the impact of your reply

Session 2: Structuring and sequencing with empathy
Empathy  is a powerful tool when used rightly.  Harness its power with the best openings and closings to win over your

Session 3: Presenting credible explanations
Select the best explanation for your situation, explaining the benefits of regulations and policies with Plain English.

Session 4: Mending relationships and knowing when to apologise
Handle escalations by matching different levels of formality to your context with sincerity (and an apology if necessary)

Session 5: Writing refusals diplomatically
Gain strategies for saying “no” without saying “no” (especially when someone won’t take “no” for an answer!)

Session 6: Maintaining relationships like a pro
Understand how to best repair following an aggressive email, defusing with solutions that mend the damage

Date: 25, 26, 27 January and 2, 4, 5 February

Time: 11:30am - 1:00pm

Cost: RM495 (6 x 1.5-hr sessions)

Registration closes on 21 January, 12pm

Your trainer

Jenny has been teaching and training since 2007 and has worked for the British Council as a trainer in Myanmar on the English for Education College Trainers project and in Thailand on the Regional English Training Centres project for the past 4 years before joining the Professional Development Centre team in Kuala Lumpur.

Her other teaching experience has included delivering academic English at universities in the UK, Japan and Hong Kong. Most of the courses were in business management, marketing or financial contexts. She has extensive experience of designing materials for bespoke courses with aims of improving English language teaching, communication and management skills.

Prior to teaching, Jenny worked within customer service and coordinated projects for organisations, such as, HSBC Offshore Banking, and Local government departments in the UK.  She also set up and managed businesses which involved staff development at various levels. She is enthusiastic about working and supporting learners to meet their needs and achieve their goals by using different techniques to promote in-depth and meaningful learning.

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