Struggling to connect with a virtual audience?

Bosses saying your delivery looks "too scripted" or "lacks engagement"? Time management all over the place? Wishing you had confidence to standout and impress?

Join our Masterclass

This compelling Masterclass gives the skills, knowledge, and practice to deliver captivating online presentations.  You’ll learn the right language to attract, adapt messages, and hold interest throughout.  You’ll also learn the most common pitfalls so audiences participate instead of getting lost in boredom.

Session 1: Planning powerful presentations that get people talking
Learn the POW approach to deliver audience-centred presentations

Session 2: Engaging your audience from the start
Practise interactive strategies to build connection with your audience

Session 3: Using storytelling to make delivery memorable
Harness the power of storytelling to link ideas with themes and make your message meaningful

Session 4: Presenting using powerful language
Grab attention and interest with the right language to influence decisions

Session 5: Adapting your presentation on the go
Win strategies for unexpected audience responses or last-minute changes to your presentation

Session 6: Dealing with the virtual unknown like a pro
Handle interruptions and overcome stressful Q&A sessions with stakeholder engagement

Masterclass Details

Date:        8, 9, 10, 15, 16 and 17 December

Time:        2.00 - 3.30pm

Price:        RM495 (6 x 1.5hour sessions)

*Registration closes on 4 December, 12pm*


Your Trainer

Ben has been teaching and training since 2002, combining this skill set with a side-hustle as a professional photographer.

Most recently he has facilitated courses and workshops for a wide-ranging selection of Malaysian clients, in oil and gas, banking and insurance, SSO and IT, government ministries and GLCs, media and communications, retail and hospitality, construction and property, and higher education institutions.

Before working with the Professional Development Centre he facilitated academic training as a lecturer and trainer at a top 1% Australian university. His training career began in Ghana, West Africa, moving through the UK, France, Spain and South Korea in numerous educational roles. Later, working with the British Council in Tanzania as an English Language Teaching Projects Coordinator he was involved in several high-level, countrywide educational projects, promoting English as a fundamental tool for the country’s development.

Alongside his educational qualifications, he also has extensive professional experience in creating and delivering courses/workshops to clients across many topics. These include business writing, copy writing, business storytelling, grammar and lexis, IELTS exam preparation, negotiating, networking, teacher training, presenting and persuading.

Ben’s a wanderlust-obsessed Brit who loves new cultures, strange foods, and his beautiful wife and kids (not necessarily in that order).

How to Register

Whatsapp us at +6017 475 7900