About this course

This fascinating workshop will help you uncover the biases logged into your unconscious mind, discover how they affect your performance, leadership and decision-making styles, and help you develop strategies for personal success.

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to learn more about how biases affect processes, outcomes and the bottom line in business.


  • Understand how biases are formed
  • Discover how bias affects business
  • Know who to identify and manage bias at work

Learning Objectives

  • Become more aware of your biases
  • Consider how bias can influence your decision-making, leadership and communication at work
  • Develop strategies to actively manage your biases

Course Outline

Introduction and overview

  • Defining unconscious bias
  • Understanding the origins of bias
  • Analysis of fast vs slow thinking

How biases are formed

  • Forming quick thinking pathways
  • Making decisions based on quick thinking
  • Recognise the ladder of inference

Unconscious bias in action

  • Recognising bias in the workplace
  • Testing for bias
  • Managing bias

Register now

 Contact Mr. Adam Jameson: Adam.Jameson@britishcouncil.org.my or 04 255 9000 ext 7702.