About this course

This unique workshop concentrates on the special skills needed by technical people to ensure their writing has a positive impact on their readers. You will take part in a fun science experiment using household materials which will then form a project running through the workshop. You will write a set of instructions, describe processes, write a short test report and edit documents based around this experiment.

Who should attend?

Anyone in a technical profession who needs to write reports, including IT staff and engineers.


  • Translate complex and innovative ideas into clear, logical and technically accurate documents 
  • Produce technical information for non-specialist audiences 
  • Help your readers to take action or make decisions effectively

Learning Objectives 

  • Learn techniques to tailor information to your reader 
  • Identify the features of and differences between various types of technical documents 
  • Become a more critical editor of technical documents

Course Outline

Understanding your reader 

  • Differentiating audiences 
  • Building information about your readers 
  • Focusing on your readers’ needs 
  • Generating content

Processes and instructions 

  • Giving instructions 
  • Describing a piece of equipment 
  • Describing a process

Test and lab reports 

  • Establishing purpose and structure 
  • Writing titles and abstracts 
  • Making introductions clear 
  • Describing methods and results 
  • Writing clear discussions


  • Being clear and concise 
  • Using and avoiding technical language 
  • Giving definitions 
  • Using the editing process