Are you a language teacher or a teacher trainer? Do you want to bring environmental issues and the fight against the climate crisis into your classroom? See how you can do this with twelve new lesson plans.

This series of twelve lesson plans provides teachers with step-by-step guidance and resources. They are an ideal starting point to help to address issues of sustainability in the classroom.

About the lesson plans

The twelve lessons cover a range of levels and age groups, and each explores a different topic, from sports to storms and from families to fashion. They are designed with flexibility in mind, can be integrated within existing curricula and are available in two versions, for classroom-based lessons and online teaching.

About the writers 

The writers of these lesson plans, Katherine Bilsborough, Christopher Graham and Daniel Barber, are three of the founding members of ELT Footprint, a global community of more than 3,500 teachers, trainers, writers and publishers dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of their place of work, the ELT profession. ELT Footprint won a British Council ELTon in 2020 for innovation in teacher resources.

12 lesson plans

Lesson plans for primary learners

12 new lesson plans now live via the Teaching English website: Climate Action in Language Education lesson plans | TeachingEnglish | British Council | BBC