Date: Thursday 01 April 2021
Time: 19.30 – 21.30 (12.30 – 14.30 BST)
Programme e-booklet for download:  to update soon

19.30 – 21.00         Future of the Creative Industries: Core Skills Required in the Post-Covid-19 Era

Opening Remarks: Current Trends and Core Skills Required in the Post-Covid-19 Era, by The British Council

Panel Discussion:

◆ TBC - by Coventry University 
◆ Doing it For Real: How Falmouth University prepares creative graduates for the Future Economy, by Falmouth University
◆ Opportunities for Creative Architectural Careers, by Oxford Brookes University 

21.00 – 21.30         Breakout sessions
◆ Online Open Session: Introduction to Coventry University
◆ Online Open Session: Introduction to Falmouth University 
◆ Online Open Session: Introduction to Oxford Brooks University 

【Speaker Profile】

Sevra Davis
Director of Architecture Design and Fashion
The British Council 

Sevra is currently the Director of Architecture, Design and Fashion at the British Council. Before this, she was Head of Learning at the Design Museum where she oversees the museum’s education programme, and Director of Design at the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce) where she was responsible for the RSA’s work on articulating the potential of design in society, as well as the RSA Student Design Awards. She often speaks on the value of design and a design approach, design for social innovation, and how open innovation could positively impact our future. Sevra trained as an architect and urban designer and spent ten years working in industry prior to moving into the not-for-profit sector.

Mandy Jandrell
Director of the Institute of Photography and Head of Photography
Institute of Photography and Falmouth School of Art
Falmouth University

Mandy Lee Jandrell is an internationally exhibiting artist working with installation, photography and moving image. Her work has been shown in numerous museums and galleries internationally including The Royal Academy and The Whitechapel Gallery, and has been published and reviewed in publications including The Guardian, The Observer and the Art Review. 

Charles Parrack
Senior Lecturer
Department of Architecture
Oxford Brooks University

Charles Parrack is Senior Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University. He leads the professionally accredited Masters in Architectural Design course in the School of Architecture. [Profile]