Date: Wednesday 24 March 2021

Time: 19.00 – 21.15 HKT (11.00 – 13.15 GMT)

Programme details for download: to update soon

19.00 – 20.00         WebinaStudying
◆ Exploring computer sciences, AI and Data Science courses in the UK. - by Keele University
◆ Why study xxx? - by Oxford Brookes University

20.05 – 20.45         Alumni & Current Students Sharing: Things I wish I knew before studying
◆ TBC, Keele University 
◆ TBC, Oxford Brookes University

20.45 – 21.15         Breakout sessions 
◆ Online Open Session: Keele University
◆ Online Open Session: Oxford Brooke University

Speaker Profile


Dr Marco Ortolani

Director of Recruitment and Marketing for Computer Science, School of Computing and Mathematics

Keele University

Dr Ortolani is a Lecturer and the Director of Recruitment and Marketing for Computer Science at Keele’s School of Computing and Mathematics. His research areas focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence. [Profile]