According to the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013 – 2025, Malaysia places great importance on education as a means of becoming a developed nation to meet the challenges and demand of a STEM driven economy.

Under the STEM Education programme, a range of projects were delivered comprising International Policy Dialogue, development of resource packs, capacity building training and workshops for STEM educators, ministries, stakeholders and students – with the ultimate aim to nurture students’ keen interest in STEM. 

Establishment of National STEM Centre

This project focused on developing a holistic STEM Continuing Professional Development (CPD) framework and capacity building programmes for STEM educators in schools.

Based on the STEM Learning Centre in York, the UK - Malaysia aimed to establish a STEM CPD Centre which provides CPD training for STEM subject teachers including formal and non-formal STEM education and activities.

In collaboration with Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM), two parallel three-day workshops looking at the governance and CPD training were held in preparation for establishing the STEM CPD Centre in Malaysia.

Innovation Club Resource Pack

 In collaboration with Ministry of Education and Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT), this project supported the ministry’s initiative in revitalising Innovation Clubs at secondary schools nationwide. This involved developing Innovation Club resource pack as well as building the capacity of local Innovation Club teachers and State Education Officers to run these Innovation Club activities at schools and district levels. 


STEM Impact

The two parallel three-day workshop was the first step towards the establishment of Malaysia’s own National STEM Centre. The setting up of the National STEM Centre was first announced during the 2018 budget.

The National STEM Centre was part of the National STEM Action Plan (2018 – 2025) formulated jointly by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), Ministry of Education (MOE) and Ministry of  Higher Education (MOHE). The National STEM Action Plan has incorporated STI enculturation strategies. 

Currently the National STEM Centre sits within the Ministry of Education Malaysia.

Innovation Club Impact


Establishment of the STEM+ Clubs

With this Innovation Club resource pack and widening the outreach of this project, this has led to the setting up of 37 Innovation Clubs (which is now known as STEM+ Clubs) at secondary schools nationwide.


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