About this course

This effective workshop gives you a thorough understanding of the fundamental skills needed for planning, structuring, writing and checking your reports.

You will work in groups, on discussions, exercises and interactive games. Throughout the course you will work on a case study, putting the skills you acquire into practice immediately.

Who should attend?

Staff who need to report important ideas and information in writing

Course Benefits

  • Write reports which are clear, logical and convincing 
  • Be able to edit your own reports and save time
  • Project a more professional image through your report writing

Learning Objectives

  • Organise material into well-structured reports
  • Produce accurate sections of a report
  • Write in easy to read language

Course Outline


  • What is a report?
  • How are routine and non-routine reports different? 
  • What are the types of non-routine reports?

The Structure and Organising of a Report

  • Structuring reports
  • Deciding what to include in each section

Writing a Report 

  • Including a table of contents
  • Describing data
  • Coming to conclusions
  • Making recommendations
  • Writing a summary

Making it Readable

  • Introducing the 5Cs of good writing
  • Avoiding common problems
  • Using plain English
  • Writing concisely and coherently

Presenting Data

  • Presenting data clearly
  • Using and selecting diagrams