Here you can find all the information about the report and publication of our past projects, written by practitioners and experts from Malaysia, East Asia and the UK.

Other than the attached reports downloadable below, you may also find our Global activity on Skills and Employability on the British Council homepage

Improving Work Opportunities For Young People in the Commonwealth (I-WORK)

I-WORK is aimed at improving the employment prospects of young people,  including those from disadvantaged backgrounds, by piloting and introducing new approaches to employer led skills development. 

The Partnerships Strand of I-WORK has enabled Leaders of TVET institutions from across four Commonwealth countries to meet together, facilitated by UK Colleges to co-create plans (within a common framework) to develop employer-led education within their respective Colleges. Practitioners (middle managers) have also been engaged, and small seed grants have been offered to enable innovative pilots linking employers with educators.

Also working in tandem, the Apprenticeships Strand has led us to research, benchmark and provide Technical Assistance Project to improve the policy and provision of Apprenticeships in Malaysia. 

In summary, this project allows us to compare practice and approaches across the countries involved and creates a platform to support developments in key areas of interest.

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